Jaguar XE 2020.

Jaguar XE 2020

Jaguar XE 2020.

Jaguar XE 2020. We found that the Jaguar XE turned out to be a nice entry-level luxury sedan when it debuted in 2017. On the other hand, it offered sharp handling, a smooth ride and an affordable V6 engine that provided excellent performance. But we also criticized the quality of the XE interior materials, which seemed below average, the limited space in the rear seats and the rather rude stop-start system. For car buyers, such shortcomings can be a good reason for acquiring competitors.

After three model years, the Jaguar XE 2020 receives many updates. Has Jaguar retained XE’s best features while correcting its flaws? We went to an event organized by Jaguar in the south of France to figure it out.

Something new, something old.

It’s easy to miss the subtle changes to the XE’s sporty exterior by simply stepping around the car and not looking at the details. Headlights got a new shape, and LEDs are now included in standard equipment. The air intakes on the sides of the radiator grill are now larger and look aggressive, although upon closer inspection only the passenger side is actually functional.

Restyling of the rear bumper added ventilation holes (which are exclusively aesthetic), the exhaust tips are moved farther from the center line, and the taillights are now LED. More importantly, there are big changes as soon as you get inside XE, which we’ll talk about later.

When it enters the showrooms this summer, the Jaguar XE 2020 will appear before customers in a reduced lineup, which will consist of only two trim levels — S and R-Dynamic S — and two engine options with four cylinders. These four-cylinder engines carry almost unchanged, but get different names. P250 (last year it was called 25t) means that the XE is equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that develops 247 horsepower and 365 Nm of torque. An eight-speed automatic transmission delivers power to the rear axle or, for an extra $ 2000, to all four wheels. The P300 (formerly 30t) has an upgraded version of this engine that produces 296 hp. and 400 Nm of torque. Four-wheel drive is standard on the P300.

Jaguar has discontinued the XE of previous V6s and diesel engines, although some examples of the heavy-duty (and very limited) XE Project 8 may still be available. Prices for the base Jaguar XE P250 S 2020 model year start at $ 40,895. Model XE P300 R-Dynamic S will cost from $ 47,990.

Jaguar XE 2020

We set off on a journey.

If you don’t need all-wheel drive, we recommend the rear-wheel drive XE P250 S. We didn’t feel enough difference between this model and the P300 to justify the price spike, although Jaguar engineers claim that the P300 will accelerate to 100 km per hour in 5.6 seconds compared to 6.4 seconds P250.

We drove both models along winding roads over the French Riviera on wet, dry, smooth and bumpy road surfaces. Both XE test cars provide the same degree of enthusiasm combined with confidence that encourages energetic driving.
There is sufficient grip on corners, steering precision and power to accelerate the pulse, while the brakes remain reliable after intensive and prolonged use. Gear changes are quick and smooth, no matter what traffic situation you are in.

The XE ride remains smooth and smooth, which makes a deep impression, taking into account how enthusiastically this car goes through turns. The cabin is also pleasantly quiet at highway speeds and on rougher surfaces. However, the sound of four-cylinder engines does not seem particularly inspiring. On these epic roads or in heavy traffic conditions, the XE is extremely easy to drive. It has an amazing combination of comfort and performance, which is a symbol of its German competitors.

Unfortunately, the fuel-efficient automatic engine stop-start system functions as slowly and noticeably as before. It became unbearable on congested roads at the entrance and exit of beach towns. Fortunately, disabling requires just one click of a button. This particular control is in the same row of buttons as the drive mode switch. Switching between Dynamic and Comfort does not make much difference, except that in dynamic mode the engine speed is higher. The sharper throttle response and stiffer adaptive suspension in Dynamic mode were hard to recognize.

Jaguar XE 2020


A couple of years ago about the XE it could be said that the plastic on the door panels and the sides of the console is disappointing, and the fit could be better. Some buttons creak. But now with the 2020 update, we are pleased to announce that this criticism is no longer applicable. There are more soft-touch materials to make the Jaguar XE 2020 competitive in its class. In addition, there are redesigned front seats, large armrests and pockets in the doors, better cladding, a gear selector with an F-type pistol grip replaced the previous disk and a new high-quality steering wheel.

A projection display on the windshield, a two-screen infotainment system from I-Pace, a virtual dashboard, a wireless charging panel and a virtual rear-view mirror are added to the list of options.

The new dual-screen display is by far the most striking new feature: the lower display controls the climate control functions, and the upper one performs all the other functions of the infotainment system. This is attractive, but, unfortunately, this system demonstrates almost the slowest work in the industry.

However, to her credit, we have never encountered the system crashes and annoying bugs that have plagued Jaguar cars in recent years. Using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto greatly facilitates the work with the system.
A less obvious, but still very pleasant addition is the standard soundproofed windshield, which helps to make the interior quieter on the highway. For customers in warmer climates, we recommend skipping the existing heated windshield and its slightly distracting heating elements woven inside.

Jaguar XE 2020

A new virtual rearview mirror is also available. The screen in the mirror can project a live broadcast from a rear view camera mounted inside the fin antenna. In the high-resolution image, the rear roof pillars are excluded for unobstructed viewing. Even the front passenger can look in the mirror to see what is behind the car.

The front seats are spacious enough for taller adults and provide excellent lateral support when driving the Jaguar XE 2020 on a winding road. The rear seats are the same and are better suited for smaller passengers. A passenger with a height of 180 cm, sitting behind, will rest his head against the roof lining, and short and low seat cushions do not provide sufficient support for the hips. For such people, the rear sofa is only suitable for short trips.

Behind these seats, the trunk is larger than the average volume in the classroom, which easily accommodates a very bulky suitcase and hand luggage. A narrow opening complicates the loading / unloading of baggage, but the low lift height slightly reduces the applied force.

Jaguar XE 2020

Price and competitors.

Improvements in the interior of the Jaguar XE 2020 model year are likely to increase its overall score as soon as we have the opportunity to evaluate it fully. This can make the choice between Jaguar and the main competitors Mercedes C-Class, Audi A4, Volvo S60 2019 and the all-new BMW 3 Series 2019 much more difficult. But that’s great, isn’t it?

For our money, the XE P250 S model — in our opinion, has the best performance-price ratio. Savings compared to the P300 R-Dynamic S may allow you to be more relaxed with additional options. And we would add a package of technologies (a head display and two monitors, a virtual mirror, as well as a charging panel), as well as a set of driver assistance options (blind spot monitor, adaptive cruise control and high-speed automatic braking).

All in all, this updated Jaguar XE 2020 model year is an elegant and attractive alternative to well-known German sedans at affordable prices. The Volvo S60 has a significant price advantage over all of these models, but we believe that the additional cost of a Jaguar compared to Volvo is worth it.

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