Jaguar XF 2022.

Jaguar XF 2022.

Jaguar XF 2022.

Restyled Jaguar XF: the model has received a new interior and other engines.

The British have presented updated versions of the Jaguar XF 2022 sedan and XF Sportbrake wagon.

Changes in the appearance of cars a little: they received only new bumpers, as well as a slightly wider grille.

In addition, the headlights already in the base LED, and for an extra fee you can order the matrix headlights with animated turn signals.

But the changes in the salon of sedan and wagon are much more significant, although most of the innovations have been borrowed from the previously updated crossover F-Pace 2021.

Henceforth, both models snap curved 11.4-inch display of the Pivi Pro multimedia system, which has a frame of magnesium alloy.

The company notes that the area of this monitor is 48% more than the former 10.0-inch screen.

Plus it boasts better graphics and optimized menu structure.

The same multimedia has the ability to update «on the air» and two SIM-cards (for parallel downloading of data).

Jaguar XF 2022.

Under the monitor entertainment complex appeared a touchscreen with a pair of rotary knobs, and the functionality of the latter depends directly on the selected menu tab.

The developers abandoned the automatic control puck on the central tunnel in favor of a joystick, and at the base of the console now has a platform for wireless charging of smartphones.

As for the digital instrument panel, its display during restyling has not changed (the old 12.3 inches), but the functionality has been expanded, plus the cars received a projection display.

Other changes in the cabin include new door panels with comfortable handles for natural grip.

Jaguar XF 2022.

In addition, to please passengers urged to ionizer air, a system of active noise reduction and cabin mirror with a built-in screen, which displays a picture from the upper rear view camera.

The new 2022 model year Jaguar HF body has lost its V6 engines, so now the powertrain lineup consists solely of Ingenium family motors.

It is possible to order the auto with petrol «turbo four» for 250 and 300 powers, though earlier the given engine was offered also in a 200 powers variant.

As for the 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel, it has been upgraded and now develops 204 hp, while on the pre-reform cars it was available in three power versions (163, 180 and 240 hp).

Jaguar XF 2022.

Note that the diesel variant of the Jaguar XF 2022 also got a 48-volt starter-generator, that is, this modification is the so-called «soft hybrid».

These motors can only work with an eight-speed automatic, and it was decided to completely abandon the manual transmission.

Recall that the new model Jaguar XF is built on an elongated platform iQ[AL].

The front suspension is on the double wishbones, and behind used independent multilever (for an extra fee offers adaptive shock absorbers).

The design consists of 75% of aluminum, which allowed the sedan to reduce mass to 190 kg, and rigidity of the body increased by 28 percent and is about 22,000 Nm/grand.

The weight distribution across the axles is close to the ideal 50:50 ratio. Compared to its predecessor, the overall length of the new Jaguar XF (X260) was reduced to 4,954 mm (- 7), and height was reduced to 1,457 (- 3).

Jaguar XF 2022.

But the wheelbase added 51 mm — up to 2 690 millimeters, while the interior became more spacious not only in the area of the rear passengers’ legs, but also above their heads.

The trunk volume of the four-door is 505 liters, ground clearance is 116 millimeters.

Representatives of the company Jaguar said that in Russia the updated sedan HF will be offered only in two versions: diesel rear-wheel drive 199 horsepower and gasoline all-wheel drive 249 horsepower.

Acceleration from a place to a hundred of the latter is possible in 7.0 seconds.

Restyled four-door has reached the Russian market in the spring of the two thousand twenty-first, but the Sportback wagon is not presented here and will not appear.

At the same time the British will also stop selling the «wagon» in the U.S. market, leaving it only in Europe.

The price of the new Jaguar XF 2022 starts from 4,451,000 rubles for the diesel version, and the gasoline version costs at least 4,595,000 p.

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