KIA Ceed 2022.

KIA Ceed 2022.

KIA Ceed 2022.

Koreans presented a line of KIA Ceed 2022 models: planned restyling.

KIA has unveiled an updated Ceed family of models for the European market. The planned restyling affected all varieties of the model, and the only exception was the Xceed cross-hatchback, but its modernization is just around the corner.

Cars of the KIA Ceed FL family have received a redesign of the front end of the body: there is a new bumper, in which the black side sections are visually united by lintels with the wheel arches.

The restyled model already has LED headlights in the base, although the housings of the head optics remain the same.

The headlights also have three vertical sections that serve as navigation lights and turn signals.

The pre-reform machines have “four points” instead. In the course of the planned renovation, the Koreans also expanded the model’s color palette with bronze, yellow, green and gray shades.

Plus, other wheels with a diameter of 16 to 18 inches have become available for cars.

KIA Ceed 2022.
In turn, the restyled models in the GT-Line and GT versions can be distinguished by the presence of overlays on the bumpers and sills.

Plus, they are equipped with original lamps with a matrix structure, in each block of which 48 light cells are involved, capable of operating in the mode of side lights, turn signals and brake lights.

But the interior of the updated cars has practically not changed. The dashboard and infotainment system retained the 8.0- and 10.25-inch displays, respectively, albeit with revised graphics.

Also, four new interior trim options have become available for the car (now there are nine in total).

KIA Ceed 2022.

As for the technology, the lineup of power units available for the European Kia Sid 2022 has remained the same.

In the base, cars for Europe are offered with a liter T-GDI «turbo-three», which can produce 100 or 120 hp.

A less powerful version comes exclusively with mechanics, and a more powerful version can now be ordered with a seven-band preselective robot.

For the model, a 1.5-liter «turbo four» T-GDI for 160 forces is also offered, which can work either with mechanics or with the mentioned robot.

Also in the lineup there is a 1.6-liter CRDi turbodiesel with 136 hp. Of the transmissions, either an iMT mechanic (without a mechanical connection between the pedal and the clutch) or a robot is proposed for it.

KIA Ceed 2022.

There is also a rechargeable hybrid in the family, though only for the KIA Ceed SW station wagon.

Outside, the petrol-electric version of the «shed» can be recognized by a plug at the top of the radiator grille.

Such a car is driven by a 1.6-liter «aspirated» GDI (105 hp), an electric motor (61 hp) and a six-band robot.

Peak recoil — 141 forces. The flagships of the updated family are still the Ceed GT and Proceed GT, which are equipped with a 1.6-liter T-GDI turbo four.

The latter works with a seven-band robot and produces 204 «horses».

KIA Ceed 2022.

The updated KIA Ceed, as before, relies on a set of electronic assistants Drive Wise, but here it is refined.

So, the automatic braking system is now capable of activating when reversing, which can be useful in parking lots.

The Koreans abandoned the passive lane tracking system in favor of the active lane keeping assistant, and it can be used separately from the adaptive cruise control.

The release of the updated Sids will begin in August two thousand twenty-first at a plant in Slovakia. In the showrooms of European dealers, the first cars should be expected by the end of the year.

In Russia, the restyled model will appear a little later, since cars for our market at the Kaliningrad Avtotor are assembled from Slovak car sets.

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