KIA EV6 2023.

KIA EV6 2023.

KIA EV6 2023.

Americans were delighted with the new Kia EV6: this crossover was better than the BMW.

By introducing the new EV6 electric crossover to the world market last year, Kia, in fact, showed how such cars should be created.

The Korean model immediately received a lot of rave reviews from experts.

Later on they were joined by the drivers. And this despite the fact that the Kia EV6 is expensive, offering by default a set of options that can be found, for example, in the budget Seltos.

However, the Korean electric crossover shows driving qualities that are not typical of many modern parkettes. This is evidenced by the reviews of American owners.

One of the bright advantages of new Kia EV6, according to Americans, is a high level of comfort.

According to this indicator the Korean model is quite comparable to premium class cars.

Despite the fact that EV6 is a high-tech crossover, it has no problems with onboard electronics.

Owners note that all controls are simple and clear.

KIA EV6 2023.

The interior is a great place to hang out, and I prefer the EV6’s digital screen layout to the large center screen that Tesla and Ford use on their electric cars.

The GT Line I bought is very well equipped with heated and cooled seats, a heated steering wheel, and a 360-degree camera view, which is great for parking in reverse.

The seats are comfortable and there’s plenty of room, even though it’s a relatively small car.

The four-wheel drive version I bought comes with an optional front engine that increases power and torque.

KIA EV6 2023.

Acceleration is exhilarating and, according to Kia, is in the average 4-second range.

The car is as quiet as you want it to be, with all the sound settings…it can be complicated, but fun.

The controls in the multimedia stack are intuitive after a quick tutorial.

The car is very spacious…more like a mid-size SUV than a compact crossover.

This car can comfortably accommodate 4 or 5 adults due to the ample legroom and wide body.

KIA EV6 2023.

Acceleration is good and on par with most V6 engine cars or SUVs.

The safety technology is easy to manipulate and works very well. The car can almost drive itself on the interstate.

Lane centering works very well almost anywhere you go.

The Kia EV6, according to many owners, has a lot of advantages.

KIA EV6 2023.

In fact, the crossover offers a combination that is difficult to find even in such cars as BMW or Mercedes-Benz: compact size and spacious interior, comfortable seats and efficient engines, convenient electronics and a high level of safety.

At the same time, the Kia EV6 is on par with the BMW X3 or X4.


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