KIA K9 2021.

KIA K9 2021.

KIA K9 2021.

Updated KIA K9 sedan: redesigned appearance and advanced electronics.

The Koreans have officially unveiled an updated version of the KIA K9 flagship sedan. So far, a version for the home market is presented, while the global version of the K900 will be shown a little later.

During the restyling, the design of the KIA K9 2021 in a new body has undergone significant changes.

In particular, the sedan has acquired a new «face», which now attracts attention with narrow headlights and an enlarged radiator grille.

At the same time, the rear lights of the model were united by a luminous strip, and the area under the registration plate «moved» from the trunk lid to the bumper.

Additionally, the four-door has got an updated KIA logo and other 19-inch wheels.

The changes in the cabin are not that significant.

KIA K9 2021.

During the restyling, the car received a multimedia screen increased to 14.5 inches (+ 2.2), which now has the ability to update «over the air» and the function of remote access from a smartphone.

The latter allows you to connect even to all-round cameras (for example, to assess the situation around the car).

KIA K9 2021.

The entertainment complex of the model learned to recognize the driver by fingerprint, while using the individual settings of the chair, mirrors, music and climate control.

The steering wheel of the sedan remains the same, but again flaunts a new logo, plus, during the restyling of the Kia K9, it acquired improved noise insulation with thicker glasses.

As the powertrain for the new 2021 KIA K9, a 3.8-liter aspirated GDI with a capacity of 315 hp is offered. and a 3.3-liter T-GDI turbo engine with 370 horsepower.

KIA K9 2021.

The company refused from the top five-liter «eight», although it is possible that in some markets such a unit will still be offered.

The engines in the updated sedan are combined with an eight-speed automatic. Note that in South Korea the four-door can be ordered with both rear and all-wheel drive.

The restyled four-door’s suspension remains standard spring, but the electronically controlled shock absorbers involved now operate based on the front camera, which analyzes the road ahead.

Plus, the Koreans have finalized the set of electronic assistants available for the model. From now on, the KIA K9 already has a second level autopilot in the database.

KIA K9 2021.

The latter is an advanced adaptive cruise control with lane keeping and traffic sign recognition.

In addition, the new K9 features the world’s first system that relies on camera and radar readings to analyze traffic ahead.

Smart electronics are able to adapt to the movements of other vehicles in the stream, thereby increasing safety and minimizing fuel consumption.

In the home (Korean) market, sales of the new KIA K9 model will start on June 3, 2021 at a price of $ 51,000 (3.7 million rubles at the current exchange rate).

The timing of the appearance of cars in other countries in the company has not yet been extended.

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