Kia K9 2022.

Kia K9 2022.

Kia K9 2022.

Kia K9 2022. The Korean company has officially unveiled the updated sedan.

The official presentation of the updated flagship of the Korean company, Kia K9 2022, took place.

The presentation took place online and the company representatives announced that the updated sedan will go on sale the next day, that is, on the 16th.

But this applies exclusively to South Korea, but in Russia this sedan will appear no earlier than the spring of 2022.

The updated model is considered a real flagship not only of KIA, but of Korean companies in general, unless of course you take Genesis into account.

The fact is that at this point in time this sedan has absolutely no competition within the Hyundai-KIA concern, as well as there are no competitors among Chinese manufacturers.

This gives KIA a huge slice of the market at the moment, which has premium brands and no mass-segment representatives.


As for the appearance, the company took a rather serious approach to changing it and presented as a result a car that fully meets the company’s development trends in recent years.

Kia K9 2022.

In the front part there is a huge grille, which continues the style of the «tiger face». It also reminds now of the updated Hyundai Santa Fe, which not everyone liked.

The grille frame is made of metal and is in close contact with the headlights. The headlights are quite narrow and have built-in LED running lights.

The bumper was also redrawn and received a long air intake. And the new logo of the company is located on the hood.

The side part has not changed. The only change is the new design of the rims.

The back, like the front, received a completely different design. It is gratifying that the Kia K9 has left the «Volga» style and received a completely new design of the taillights.

In theory, the very shape of the lanterns remained almost the same, but now there is no chrome outline, plus a completely different internal pattern of the LED lines has appeared.

Kia K9 2022.

And the final feature is the LED line, which originates in the lanterns and then passes through the trunk lid, thereby uniting the lanterns.

The trunk lid was also redone and the area under the license plate moved from it to the bumper.

The rear bumper got rid of the bends that came from the lights and received new tailpipes for the bifurcated exhaust system.

In general, this appearance looks more presentable than the current sedan model sold in Russia.


As for the interior, the changes here are not so global. The architecture of the front panel itself remained unchanged, and the new huge widescreen multimedia system immediately catches the eye.

A digital instrument panel was also introduced, which is well known from the rest of the company’s models. Well, there is a new logo on the steering wheel.

In all other respects, it is the same interior. Only in the updated version, more premium materials are used for interior trim.

Kia K9 2022.


Well, what else can be in the updated version if not updated or improved safety and roadside assistance systems. The updated sedan received such advanced technologies as:

predictive gear shift system
second level highway driving assistance system
vehicle collision avoidance system
automatic braking system with multi-collision avoidance
rear collision warning system
remote intelligent parking assistance system.

The Predictive Gear Shift System is the pride of the Korean company’s developers.

It is the world’s first gear shifting system to predict acceleration and deceleration situations when driving forward using signals from vehicle navigation, radar and camera.

Thanks to the information received from them, it switches to the optimal gear in advance. This not only contributes to driving safety and convenience, but also to fuel economy.

The sedan also uses an advanced fingerprint authentication system. In this class of cars, no one else can boast of such a system.

Kia K9 2022.

A first in this class, it allows the driver to use a personalized profile that automatically detects seat position, outside mirror, preferred temperature, digital dashboard functions and so on.

These are all predefined settings using a fingerprint saved by the user.

This system also allows for remote payment at a gas station using a fingerprint registered for each card on the infotainment system screen, without the mandatory physical presence of the card itself.

There was also a handwriting recognition function, which is also used on Genesis models. With it, you can set the destination using handwriting input, which greatly simplifies keyboard input, which requires a few taps.

Such a sedan was presented to the Korean company.

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