KIA Seltos 2023.

KIA Seltos 2023.

KIA Seltos 2023.

Updated KIA Seltos 2023: modified exterior and improved interior.

On June 30, the Koreans declassified the updated crossover KIA Seltos.

The car has received a modified design of the front end with different headlight graphics and new strips of diode lights.

The front bumper of the restyled model draws attention with silver fangs and corrected niches of fog lights, which are no longer connected with the bottom of the grille.

In turn, at the stern of the crossover appeared a light strip, which combines the lights (previously instead of it was the usual decorative bar).

The car has also revised shape of the rear bumper: it lost fake exhaust pipes. And also the car was put on new 18-inch wheels.

As for the interior, the developers abandoned the separate screens of the dashboard and multimedia system in favor of a single display consisting of two 10.25-inch displays.

The crossover also received a revised control unit for climate control and a compact puck instead of the former gear lever.

KIA Seltos 2023.

But the Koreans have not disclosed information about the power units in the model yet.

Previously there were rumors that KIA Seltos 2023 will receive a hybrid unit, but apparently, this version will not be in the range of updated crossover.

But it is supposed to receive a new base motor — 2,0-liter «atmospheric».

Officially present the restyling model at the motor show in Busan on July 15, 2022.

KIA Seltos 2023.

When will the all-terrain vehicle appear on sale is not reported yet. Whether it will be presented on our market is also unknown.

Kia introduced a new crossover Seltos, which has quickly become one of the most popular products of the brand.

In particular, on the Indian market for the first few days it was bought by more than 10,000 people, which was a record at the time.

KIA Seltos 2023.

But demand for the Korean model decreased over time. So now the manufacturer has introduced an updated Kia Seltos 2023, which has received a number of notable changes.

So far, the Korean company has limited publication of several official pictures (photo: Kia).

Published photos show that the restyling included spot repairs that transformed the appearance of the crossover.

The Seltos has acquired narrower headlights with an original pattern of curving LEDs, which are visually combined with metal inserts embedded in the updated grille.

Together with it the front bumper has undergone modifications. In the center of it is placed enlarged air intake, along the bottom of which runs a decorative metal insert.

KIA Seltos 2023.

The sides of the bumper received new recesses with vertical LED optics.

At the stern of the new Seltos appeared «through» lights. In addition, the sculpted stern bumper is completed with a massive plastic dodger, which is flanked by compact optics.

The Korean model has a more luxurious interior. Inside there are two 10.25-inch screens connected to each other.

Seltos has lost the gearbox lever, instead of which a large washer has taken place. Other changes are more of a pointy nature.

Kia representatives said that the official presentation of the updated Seltos is scheduled for July 15. Apparently, the engine lineup will be unveiled then.


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