Kia Sportage 5 2022.

Kia Sportage 5 2022.

Kia Sportage 5 2022.

Kia Sportage 5 2022: prices and sales launch in Russia for the 5th generation.

Finally, the Kia Sportage 2022 model year has been officially introduced.

Korean 5th generation parkettik received a completely new body design in the style of the EV6 electric car, a completely redesigned interior and technical stuffing.

According to the manufacturer, the new Sportage will move to a completely different level in the crossover class.

Like the EV6 electric car, the model has a new company logo, and the famous «Tiger Nose» grille as the K5 has become even more aggressive, especially it is felt in tandem with the new optics.

At the back of the Kia Sportage looks wider due to enlarged wheel arches, and the contrast is given by the black roof, though it must be ordered at extra charge.

The 5th generation cabin is made in the same style as the manufacturer’s novelties, it’s two large curved and connected displays of 12.3 inches each, and instead of the gear lever — a puck on the same central display to select the driving mode.

The manufacturer has not yet mentioned the powertrains, but it is likely to borrow them from the new Hyundai Tucson, as both crossovers are based on the same platform.

Kia Sportage 5 2022.

Review of the 5th generation.

It’s no secret that the 2022 model year Kia Sportage is built on a platform taken from the new Hyundai Tucson crossover.

Independent suspensions, front and all-wheel drive, conventional and adaptive dampers, three driving modes — all of this, along with an extensive engine range, will almost certainly be in the new 2022 Kia Sportage body as well.

It is also expected a serious homologation of equipment systems and the emergence of a large number of new options, mainly in terms of passive safety.

Technically, the serious rate is made on hybrid technologies, and, it will be «soft» hybrids with starter generators, though in the range of available power units, as well as in case of Tucson, there should be a full hybrid with the electric motor built in automatic gearbox.

External design

For the first time, for the European market, Kia has introduced a «separate» Sportage with a short wheelbase and a slightly modified design (in the rear).

Kia Sportage 5 2022.

Judging by the available images, the new body of the Kia Sportage 2022 model year will keep the usual profile, but will change the shape of the side glazing. Changes will be made in its rear end.

The light units, which used to be placed on the bumper, are still under question: they are not present in the photos of the fifth-generation car, although the size of the main rear optics remains the same.

If we talk about the front, it is securely hidden from prying eyes, which confirms the forecast about the use of the new Sportage corporate design, which can be inspected from the same Tucson.


Interior also remains a big mystery, but focusing on the concepts which are used in the latest products of Korean brand, we should expect the appearance of rectangular digital dashboard without visor, a huge central display and a lot of touch buttons on the panel below it.

Approximately the same picture may have to be observed when looking at the central tunnel, where there will be no washers, joysticks or relay switches.

Kia Sportage 5 2022.

Technical stuffing

The new platform will give the 2022 Kia Sportage crossover a wide range of powertrains and transmissions:

1.6 T-GDI, gasoline, 150 hp + 6-MCP;
1.6 CRDi, turbodiesel, 115 hp + 6-MCP;
1.6 T-GDI, gasoline, 180 hp + 48 V starter-generator + 6-MCP or robot;
1.6 CRDi, diesel, 136 hp + 48 V starter-generator + 6-MCP or robot;
2.5 GDI, gasoline, 190 hp + 8-ACP;
2.0 CRDi, turbodiesel, 186 hp + 8-ACP;
1.6 T-GDI, gasoline, 180 hp + 60 hp electric motor + 6-ACP.

In 2021, this preliminary list should be supplemented by another rechargeable hybrid with a total capacity of 265 hp, but all this in full will definitely not appear in Russia, and the base in the available range will be the classic two-liter atmospheric engine.

Kia Sportage 5 2022.

Modifications and options of the current generation for Russia.

Crossover Kia Sportage 2021 current fourth generation in Russia are offered in a variety of packages. The choice of motors:

2.0-liter gasoline MPI with 150 hp;
184-horsepower 2.4-liter GDI gasoline;
2.0-liter CRDi diesel with 185 hp.
The same wide choice of transmissions: 6-MCP, 6-ACP, and 8-ACP.

Finally, the manufacturer does not indulge our motorists with a variety of equipment packages, and even special series:

League of Europe;
Edition Plus;

In the maximum configuration SUV will be able to offer leather interior, dual-zone climate control, parktronic + automatic valet, heating, electric drive and ventilation of front seats, 6 airbags and many others.

Kia Sportage 2022 in the new body will be released next spring.

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