Lada Largus FL 2021.

Lada Largus FL 2021.

Lada Largus FL 2021.

Lada Largus with a high roof — the first information about the new product. The project was named KARELIA.
The updated station wagon Lada Largus 2021 will receive a version with a high roof.

The company «VIS-Auto», a subsidiary of AvtoVAZ, is preparing to release a new modification of the Lada Largus FL 2021 with a high roof.

The novelty is currently undergoing certification tests in order to obtain the Vehicle Type Approval (OTTS).

In mid-May 2021, photos of the passenger version of the station wagon with a high roof and enlarged boot doors appeared on the Internet.

In addition, the updated Lagrus will have a 30 mm increase in suspension and a ventilation hatch.


The line of power units of the new Lada Largus FL 2021 consists of two power plants with a volume of 1.6 liters: an 8-valve engine with a return of 90 hp. and a 16-valve engine developing 106 hp.

Power units are combined with a manual transmission.

Lada Largus FL 2021.

Price. release date

The new Lada Largus FL 2021 with a high roof will be offered in station wagon and van versions. Pricing has not yet been announced. Sales will begin at the end of 2021.

In addition, a 600 x 550 mm ventilation hatch will be offered above the heads of the third row passengers in the configuration with low rear doors.

In the area of ​​the rear left arch, you can install an additional heater with air ducts for the second and third rows.

A high roof with a second light and enlarged doors will be available for Largus FL.

Lada Largus FL 2021.

After the May holidays, it became known that AvtoVAZ had a Lada Largus with a high roof in its model line.

To be more precise, the VIS-Auto subsidiary is engaged in the production of the LADA LARGUS FL station wagon with a high roof.

At the moment, several test samples have been made and the certification of the special version of the van is in progress. After passing all the tests, the station wagon will receive an OTTS and go to small-scale production.

Lada Largus FL 2021.

A full-fledged novelty cannot be called, since AvtoVAZ and VIS-Auto already have similar developments, when part of the Largus roof is cut out, a metal power frame is installed, and the top is covered with a plastic cap.

All of these small-scale Largus-based vehicles are used in taxis, trucking, commercial areas, and also as ambulances.

This project, under the supervision of VIS-AUTO, will not be aimed at the commercial sector, but at the production of a station wagon with increased comfort.

Lada Largus FL 2021.

AvtoVAZ promises that the car will be on free sale and anyone can buy it.

In total, there are plans to release several modifications — with high hinged doors in the rear of the body or with low ones, with windows on the upper plastic part, with a sunroof, separate air conditioning and heating systems in the rear and front of the car, as well as with a hinged spare wheel on the door.

Project «Karelia», as its authors call it, will have a rich package, reinforced suspension and increased ground clearance.

Prices for the new product were not disclosed. Representatives promise that information on prices and trim levels will be known only after certification.

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