Lada Niva Travel 2021.

Lada Niva Travel 2021.

Lada Niva Travel 2021.

Lada Niva Travel 2021 for 1.7 million rubles: and people are ready to buy at such prices.

Slovakia became the third European country in which sales of the updated Lada Niva Travel SUV began. The deliveries of cars were organized by the Lada Zilina car dealership from the city of Zilina.

By the way, some other models of the Russian brand can be purchased from this dealer, namely, various Grants, the Vesta station wagon, as well as the classic Niva Legends, the latter being offered in both three- and five-door versions.

Interestingly, the Slovak car dealership even published a short commercial showing three multi-colored copies of the Niva Travel model, parked near the dealership.

Prices for these SUVs start at 16,590 euros (1.5 million rubles at the current exchange rate). In other words, the model turned out to be almost twice as expensive in the local market as in Russia.

Interestingly, the most affordable car is white, and for a car in any other shade, you will need to pay € 490 euros (43,200 rubles).

The top-end SUV Luxe with the Off-Road package was priced by the Slovak car dealership at € 18,990 (1.7 million rubles).

For comparison, in Russia such a car can be taken for 941,900 rubles.

Note that the Lada models have not been officially represented in Europe for two years now, so local dealers selling Russian cars do this solely on their own initiative, which largely explains the overpriced Lada.

Lada Niva Travel 2021.


Restyling review

The facelift, in which the 2021 Lada Niva Travel received a new front end design and original bumpers, led to a change in the body length — plus 43 mm (4099 mm).

Wheel arch linings were added to the width of 4 mm (1804 mm), while the wheelbase and height of the car remained the same: 2450 and 1652 mm, respectively.

Facelift result

Together with the new exterior, the models were given a new name — now the legendary SUV will be called Niva Travel 2021, and one of its complete sets will be the Off-road version, which will offer an unpainted plastic body kit, «toothy» off-road tires and a raised air intake.

Lada Niva Travel 2021.


The regular version will have wheel arch linings painted in the color of the new body, and so far this is the only visible difference, not counting the road tires, air intake and, possibly, some options that will be present in the equipment packages.

Common to both trim levels will be the design of the front end of the SUV with new optics and a large plastic radiator grille.

The back of the SUV will be equipped with diode lights, and a spare wheel, covered with a casing, will be placed on the opening door.

In general, the body of the new Lada Niva Travel remained the same, with the exception of the front fenders, where the stamping shape was changed.

Lada Niva Travel 2021.


Restyling did not affect the interior of the SUV, so inside the Lada Niva Travel 2021 model year will remain the same as in the days of Niva-Chevrolet.

A simple analog «tidy» with small dials, a round three-spoke steering wheel without any buttons, two transmission levers on the central tunnel and a small media system display that rises above the front console, where the image from the rear view camera can be displayed.

By the way, on the new Niva Off-road version, which came off the assembly line at No. 1, a rear parking sensors sensor was also noticed.

Technical stuffing

On Lada Niva Travel, it was decided to install the time-tested 1.7-liter 213 gas engine producing 80 liters. from. power (127 Nm). His faithful «companion in life» — a five-speed manual «transmission», operating in a permanent all-wheel drive.

Here, the compulsory blocking of the center differential and «lowering» are mandatory attributes of a real all-terrain rogue. The dynamic characteristics of the car are not outstanding — 17-19 seconds to «hundreds» and 137-142 km / h of maximum speed, but this is clearly not the aspect that will be taken into account by potential buyers of the Russian SUV.

Lada Niva Travel 2021.

As for the equipment options, the basic equipment should hypothetically receive at least everything that the Niva had earlier: power windows on the front doors, air conditioning, heated outside mirrors and athermal glass.

Lada Niva Travel: start of sales in Russia

Lada Niva Travel cars of the 2021 model year are already rolling off the assembly line, so the matter remains small: how quickly the cars will be delivered to dealers and how quickly the manufacturer will publish new prices.

Estimated dates for the start of sales — February next year. Then we will find out the cost of the novelty, which will probably be higher than the current one — 740-880 thousand rubles.

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