LADA Niva Travel 2022.

LADA Niva Travel 2022.

LADA Niva Travel 2022.

LADA Niva Travel 2022. Germans have named an unusual reason for buying Russian LADA Niva Travel SUV.

German magazine Focus has arranged the test-drive of VAZ SUV LADA Niva Travel.

According to the results of the run, car journalists named pros and cons of Russian model, and also named the main reason to buy our «Niva».

Our «Nivas» can be found in Germany, but in very modest quantities.

So, German journalists had no problems with finding a car for a test-drive.

There were no surprises with the results of the race: Europeans, who undertake to test Russian SUV, enthusiastically spoke about its ability to pass where there are no normal roads, and never was.

This time LADA Niva Travel got A+ again for off-road qualities. And Germans noted that Russian «Niva» is better than Renault Duster in terms of cross-country ability. The braking system received separate praise.

With dynamic characteristics the situation is more complicated: the Germans called them sluggish. One more debatable moment is a steering. Germans have found quite an unexpected reason to buy Russian Niva.

LADA Niva Travel 2022.

Most often the cheap price tag and off-road qualities are named as the main arguments.

Here the authors of the article addressed the SUV to «old-school» lovers.

In the opinion of experts from magazine Focus, such car will perfectly suit those who are fond of auto history, when each car had its own character. A beautiful reason.

At one time, Russian motorists were very fond of the SUV jointly produced by VAZ and Chevrolet — Chevrolet Niva, however, not so long ago this model stopped being produced, and it was replaced by Lada Niva Travel 2022.

LADA Niva Travel 2022.

In fact, the car acquired only a cosmetic update, as in general, we are talking about the same unpretentious and reliable off-road vehicle, designed to operate in any conditions.

However the changes lead to sharp growth of Niva Travel popularity. This model is a competitor for UAZ Patriot, Lada 4X4, Renault Duster and Nissan Terrano.

The SUV is sold in Russia in three configurations with a price tag from 779,900 to 941,900 rubles for Classic and Luxe Off-Road versions.

Technical Specifications

Fresh Lada Niva Travel 2022 car available to Russian buyers in the new body has received three elaborate configurations.

The model stands out for its affordable price and modern appearance, which can be evaluated by the photo in the article.

LADA Niva Travel 2022.

Also, the car demonstrates good technical characteristics, which will fully meet the needs of buyers.

Separately, it is worth mentioning that for its cost, the «ramnik» has good technical equipment and attractive interior design.

On the Russian car is put a non-alternative power plant with a volume of 1.7 liters. This gasoline «atmospheric» is capable of generating up to 80 horsepower and 127 N*m of torque.

The engine is paired with a classic 5-speed manual transmission. Only all-wheel drive models are available for sale, boasting the following dimensions:

length — 4,099 mm;
width — 1 804 mm;
height — 1 690 mm;
wheelbase — 2,450 mm
ground clearance — 220 mm;
curb weight — 1 465 kg.

Five-seater SUV company «AvtoVAZ» has a spacious luggage compartment of 320 liters, as well as a fuel tank of 58 liters, which provides an impressive range, given the average consumption of 10.2 liters per 100 kilometers in the mixed cycle (using gasoline AI-95).

SUV has mediocre dynamics with acceleration to a hundred in 19 seconds and a «maximum» of 140 km / h.


The new Lada Niva Travel SUV turned out stylish and brutal. It is hard to believe that the Chevrolet Niva with its elegant outlines has replaced this spectacular SUV with a powerful front end.

Otherwise, it is possible to discern the outlines of its predecessor, which acquired only minor changes and cosmetic refinements along the perimeter of the body.

LADA Niva Travel 2022.

The appearance of the car evokes positive emotions, however, this will not be enough for most potential buyers.

Interior of the «ramnik» is still simple and does not impress with abundance of high-tech elements.

The practicality can bribe, but at the same time negative emotions are caused by not the best quality of materials and assembly.


The segment of frame SUVs is very popular in Russia, so it is not surprising to see the diversity and abundance of competitors of Lada Niva Travel. They include:

Lada 4×4;
UAZ Patriot;
Nissan Terrano;
Renault Duster.

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