Lada Vesta FL 2022.

Lada Vesta FL 2022.

Lada Vesta FL 2022.

For Avtovaz, the Lada Vesta is probably the flagship model today.

This is not due to the volume of sales, but largely due to the fact that it is this sedan that the Volga Automobile Plant has been paying maximum attention to lately.

This behavior can be explained by the fact that the Vesta is the only car Lada, which production during 2021 did not stop.

Recall that Avtovaz stopped producing cars due to a shortage of semiconductors.

But, as it became known recently, the updated Lada Vesta FL 2022 will enter the Russian market later than expected.

And, remarkably, the pre-production prototype of the sedan and station wagon went out for road tests back in early summer.

However, a few weeks ago Avtovaz announced that the updated Vesta will not debut until May 2022.

The official reason for the postponement has not yet been announced. If rumors are to be believed, this decision is only partly due to a shortage of semiconductors.

Lada Vesta FL 2022.

As noted by several sources, the company Avtovaz postponed the release of the new Vesta due to the fact that the production of the car uses a lot of bypass technologies.

At the same time to assemble the sedan and wagon using parts that are supplied by third parties.

As a result, even after more than half a year of testing, Avtovaz has not managed to create a single copy of the updated Vesta, ready for mass production.

Moreover, according to previously published plans of the company, to test the possibility of assembling a sedan should have been held in early December. But so far this procedure has not been carried out.

Lada Vesta FL 2022.

After that Vesta will have two more tests. So the above-mentioned terms may be once again postponed.

Note that the company «Avtovaz» as stated by sources close to it, was supposed to present a restyled Vesta in the fall of 2021.

Then the dates were moved until winter. Last time sources reported that the restyled Vesta would debut in February or March.

However, as shown above, it cannot be ruled out that the presentation of the updated sedan will take place a year after the first pre-production prototype was tested.

Such a long delay is notable because Avtovaz is preparing a revised version of the Vesta, not the next generation model.

Lada Vesta FL 2022.

This means that, in fact, the restyled sedan differs from its predecessor by minor changes.

It is already known that for the future Vesta prepared LED optics and slightly modified bumpers.

Top versions of sedan should have a virtual dashboard, extra charge for which, according to preliminary information, will not exceed 25 thousand rubles.

The interior also expects minor changes, except for the central console, which will place a larger touchscreen display. The latter will be installed vertically.

Lada Vesta FL 2022.

While Avtovaz is preparing a new version of the Vesta, the company does not forget about the current version of the sedan and wagon.

More precisely, the manufacturer has rewritten the price tags of both models 7 times this year.

And given that Lada dealers only sell cars with optional extras, as a result the Vesta has cost up to almost 1.5 million rubles in a number of car dealerships.

The delay in delivery of the updated version and the sharp overpricing has led to the fact that, according to the published results of the survey, more Russians are not planning to buy a sedan and will opt for its single-class models.

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