Lada Vesta SW Cross NG 2022.

Lada Vesta SW Cross NG 2022.

Lada Vesta SW Cross NG 2022.

Lada Vesta SW Cross NG 2022. Mainly it was suggested to focus on the external changes of the Lada Vesta NG.

This is because the first station wagon was blindly tinted, not allowing to evaluate the new interior, which, judging by all appearances, should be almost completely redesigned.

External changes

Modified details of the exterior of the car Lada Vesta 2022 were discussed throughout the preparation of the restyled model, but only the first mass assembled sample allowed to see all the announced innovations together. So, the new Vesta NG got:

New bumpers. Both overhangs have changed seriously, found a different plastic, and increased in physical dimensions, thereby bringing the total length of the car up to 4440 mm. (it is the same in the sedan and wagon).

Rear bumper now began to adorn the fake exhaust pipes, and the real muffler with the exhaust pipe engineers managed to hide well — they can be seen only if you look under the bottom.

Front overhangs are decorated with new decorations, focusing on chrome «boomerangs», which go under the fog lights.

Optics. Vesta will receive completely new lighting equipment, both in shape and «stuffing».

Lada Vesta SW Cross NG 2022.

In cheaper options will be offered «halogen», but the developers are confident that buyers will not spare the money for packages with LED optics, which although it remains reflector, but greatly improved in their parameters: dipped beam is 30% wider by 10% farther, and the far beam — managed to get rid of the «tunnel effect».

Light bulbs also received fog lights and taillights, but the direction indicators remained halogen.

Wheels. The 16- and 17-inch wheel rims with a combination of black lacquered surfaces and diamond polished surfaces were prepared for the restyled vehicles.

Body details. The sides of the car still have the company’s X-spot, but the trunk lid slightly changed its profile by getting two «ribs».

It also has LADA letters, but they are slightly enlarged, as well as the emblem on the front of the car.

In addition, the first instance of Lada Vesta SW Cross NG showed the new body color that appeared in the palette — gold enamel «Garfield».

Lada Vesta SW Cross NG 2022.

Grille. With the partial change of the design of the front end, the designers had to change the contours of the radiator grille.

In this case, it offers different features in different configurations: in regular sedans it will be decorated with two horizontal chrome moldings, and in Cross versions, the grid will get a pronounced large-cell pattern.


Thanks to numerous announcements and organized «leaks» of data themselves VAZ’s long ago put everyone in the know about a complete change of the interior of their cars.

They tried to do everything possible to make the interior of the Lada Vesta 2022 create the impression of a completely new car, and installed a number of unique patented parts:

door card panels;
front console trim;
casing of the central tunnel;
air ducts;
dashboard (in two versions — analog and digital);
head unit;
multicool, etc.

Lada Vesta SW Cross NG 2022.

In the maximum configuration in the Lada Vesta NG appears a new virtual «dashboard» 12.3 «, which in the lower versions will replace the usual, but slightly modified — with a more informative display routing computer.

Inside the car the trim materials are completely changed, and, and the plastic, and leather, and other options for upholstery will become more pleasant to the touch.

The new multimedia is now represented by a large tablet, although it will definitely be an option. Here is also a new ambient lighting, and a modern control panel for the climate system, which was kindly provided by the «related» Arkana.

Lada Vesta SW Cross NG Universal.

Inside such a car will be distinguished by contrasting inserts in the trim and the presence of the «Cross» logo, and among the additional preset options here will be:

combination trim — cloth/eco leather;
heated windshield;
rain and light sensors;
LED interior and door lighting.

Lada Vesta SW Cross NG 2022.

In addition, the Cross-versions will have the Ride Select system, currently used on the XRAY Cross hatchbacks.

It will allow you to change the mode of driving electronics from normal to off-road and sporty — for this purpose there is a special puck on the central console.

Sales start and prices

Sales of upgraded cars Lada Vesta New Generation (NG) are scheduled for May 2022. Buyers should expect another price increase of the model, which is inevitable, given the six-fold price revision last year.

By the time the restyling was launched, the minimum price of Lada Vesta of previous generation reached 862900 rubles, while the most expensive modification among the available ones — SW Cross Luxe EnjoY Pro became 1,303,900 rubles. New prices for the Lada Vesta 2022 will be announced on the first day of sales.

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