Lamborghini Le Mans Dayton Hybrid 2024.

Lamborghini Le Mans Dayton Hybrid 2024.

Lamborghini Le Mans Dayton Hybrid 2024.

Lamborghini Le Mans Dayton Hybrid 2024. Lamborghini has announced the LMDh hypercar for 2024.

Lamborghini is preparing to present a brand new prototype of the LMDh sports car. It is now at the stage of development. Autoconcern has announced its novelty with a single teaser.

LMDh or Le Mans Daytona Hybrid is called a new category of race car, presented in 2023.

This model will allow to participate in the FIA World Endurance Racing Championship, in the competition of sports cars IMSA WeatherTech in the highest class, along with concerns BMW, Toyota, Peugeot and Porsche, which announced their participation.

For the Lamborghini concern, the program will be supplemented by the GT Squadra Corse base. It will become the backbone of the company’s motorsport customer program.

At the early stage of the model, there is still no exact data about the new LMDh prototype model.

Lamborghini Le Mans Dayton Hybrid 2024.

The only published teaser shows only a sketch of the car with a front fascia reminiscent of the road-going hypercar Sian.

There is no data about the powertrain with which it should compete with Toyota and Peugeot models based on V6 hybrid unit and Porsche based on V8 engine.

The concern believes it will show a prototype of the new vehicle in full size in 2024 before competing in the FIA WEC and IMSA WeatherTech Sports Car Championship.

Lamborghini Le Mans Dayton Hybrid 2024.

Lamborghini chief designer: electric cars still look like spaceships.

During his recent interview, the chief designer of the Italian brand said that even modern electric cars still look like spaceships.

He noted that despite electrification, future Lamborghini supercars will look the same old way.

Like the rest of the auto industry, Lamborghini is electrifying its lineup.

The Italian automaker is expected to do so sooner rather than later.

Lamborghini Le Mans Dayton Hybrid 2024.

Lamborghini’s head of design, Mitya Borkert said that the design direction of the brand’s future supercars is not changing.

Speaking at the Milan Motor Show in Monza, Italy, Mr. Borkert said that Lamborghini will continue to produce cars with «emotional performance.»

«They will always look like spaceships, they will always inspire. Our cars with any technology will have that sound and that emotion that can touch you,» Bonkers said.

Nevertheless, we can expect future Lamborghini electrified supercars to retain the incredible style we saw in the Lamborghini Sian FKP 37.

Lamborghini Le Mans Dayton Hybrid 2024.

The limited-edition supercar was inspired by the 2017 Lamborghini Terzo Millennio concept and was also electrified through the use of a low-capacity supercapacitor, but future models from the brand will use a more conventional hybrid setup under a supposedly otherworldly approach to design.

Lamborghini is set to release its last gasoline-powered car this year, and by 2024 there will be a full hybridization of its lineup.

According to Borkert, the switch to electric cars has also opened up some design opportunities for the automaker.

Referring to the lack of exhaust pipes for electric cars, «with the muffler, we can use that area for aerodynamics in a very cool way,» Bohnkert said.

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