Lamborghini Monterossa Speedster.

Lamborghini Monterossa Speedster.

Lamborghini Monterossa Speedster.

Lamborghini Gallardo convertible turned into Monterossa speedster.

The DRVN Concepts atelier that deals with extreme tuning has presented probably the most radical project based on the Lamborghini Gallardo.

The car with an open top was deprived of body panels and got the dynamics of a racing bike on steroids.

Nobody would hardly think to accuse the brand with an enraged bull on a hood in boring design — in due time Lamborghini was positioned exactly as an epatage brand for those to whom Ferrari aesthetics seemed too strict.

Nevertheless, even the most courageous «Lambo» pales on a background of the speedster Monterossa.

Windshield was completely removed, the majority of body panels are missing from the stern, and the lower perimeter of the body is occupied by aerodynamic sills and forged carbon fiber air dissipator.

The result is purely stylistically really reminds a superbike.

As 1 horsepower per 2 kg of weight, DRVN Monterossa has truly frightening track dynamics.

Lamborghini Monterossa Speedster.

There are no test videos yet, but the production run of 15 units is already known. We recommend ordering as soon as possible.

Monterossa Speedster: a crazy modification based on the Lamborghini Gallardo.

A small and little known company DRVN from California has introduced a unique Monterossa Speedster.

Lamborghini Monterossa Speedster.

It is based on Lamborghini Gallardo and is one of the most crazy modifications of the Italian supercar.

It is reported that Gallardo «Super Trofeo Stradale» was taken as a basis for the project.

A donor car was disassembled to a bare frame and its roof was cut off. Then the modification received eye-catching bodykit, and while creating the latter, American tuners were inspired by modern motorcycles.

Lamborghini Monterossa Speedster.

Monterossa Speedster is notable for its developed bumper with a splitter made of forged carbon fiber.

The supercar also gets narrow LED headlights and a sculpted hood, the top part of which is again made of carbon fiber.

But the back of the car does not have such body — all technical «stuffing» is exposed.

Thus the car still has a large carbon diffuser and a pair of miniature LED lights.

The image of the modification is completed with new glossy black wheels. In general, the car almost does not resemble the original Gallardo, although it has standard power units.

Lamborghini Monterossa Speedster.

This means that the Monterossa Speedster is powered by a 5.2-liter atmospheric V10 engine.

According to the developers, the car weighs only 1,273 kg, and weight distribution is 47:53 (in favor of the rear axle).

Unfortunately, there is no information about the speedster’s dynamic characteristics. So far there is only one prototype, but DRVN specialists are considering the production of 15 such cars.

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