Lancia Delta Evo-e 2026.

Lancia Delta Evo-e 2026.

Lancia Delta Evo-e 2026.

The Lancia Delta Evo-e: an electric mod, the keys to which Didier Oriol will give you.

It is possible that the Italian brand will show a production version of the model returned to the lineup already in 2026.

Recently it was reported that the brand Lancia in about five years will revive the Delta in the form of an electric hatchback, and meanwhile the classic Delta — a rally legend of the 80s and early 90s — is already available as an electric car thanks to the efforts of the French firm GCK Exclusive-e, but the offer is limited: only 47 copies will be produced.

GCK Exclusive-e company, founded last year, is the brainchild of the French professional skier and racing driver Gerlain Chicherit and his GCK Motorsport rally-cross team.

The active phase of his sporting career has already ended and the 43-year-old Frenchman is now trying his hand as an entrepreneur.

He has taken two powerful trends in the auto industry — electrification and nostalgia for the 80s — and decided to combine them in one product.

His company offers an electric restomod or, as they say now, an electric mod based on the classic four-wheel drive Lancia Delta HF Integrale, and Didier Auriol, who twice won the Monte Carlo Rally on this car and many other races, volunteered to be the brand ambassador of GCK Exclusive-e.

The electric conversion of the Italian hatchback from the French racers was called Lancia Delta Evo-e.

In fact, only the chassis and some elements of the body remain from the donor model, while the track is widened and the body is reinforced with a carbon fiber frame.

Lancia Delta Evo-e 2026.

Most of the exterior body panels are designed from scratch and made of carbon fiber, while the style of the original model is flawlessly respected — the Delta’s design became canonical long ago.

Even the wheel rims look the same as those of stock sport Deltas, but they’re all-new and shod in modern Michelin tires.

Electromod has retained the Delta’s original all-wheel-drive system with a 43/57 asymmetrical inter-axle differential (43/57 in favor of the rear axle) blocked by a viscous clutch and a rear self-locking Torsen differential, but all components have been brought up to date, as well as all the chassis components that went into effect.

New springs, shock absorbers, and reinforced silent blocks were installed.

Brakes are new too, of course, with perforated ventilated disks: 284 mm in front diameter and 227 mm in rear.

Lancia Delta Evo-e 2026.

As an option are offered 306 mm front discs in conjunction with 6-piston calipers (in the base — single-piston).

Place of the gasoline 2.0-liter turbo four under the hood took the electric motor, producing a constant 90 kW (122 hp) and 200 Nm, and the peak output is 147 kW (200 hp) and 350 Nm.

The 5-speed manual transmission is retained but strengthened, and on request, the company is ready to offer «shortened» three first gears and a main gear for it.

Delta Evo-e accelerates to 100 km/h in 6.6 seconds. The capacity of the 400-volt lithium-ion battery is small, only 30 kWh, range on a single charge is 200 km. The curb weight of the electric car is 1,440 kg.

The interior of the electric Delta has retained the aesthetics of the original, but undergone a total revision: new front Recaro seats, new rear sofa, new nodes fixing the seat belts, updated the entire upholstery, new steering wheel Momo, new gear lever, additional instruments, audio system Blam Audio with six speakers and head unit Alpine with a retractable touchscreen.

Lancia Delta Evo-e 2026.

GCK Exclusive-e is planned to make 36 electric cars in the basic version and 11 in the version Rallye with racing livery Martini, ultra-light front seats Sparco, more refined trim and more carbon fiber parts.

In total, by the way, the company has prepared 263 new components for the Delta.

Lancia Delta Evo-e developers do not disclose prices and ask customers interested in buying contact them directly.

Didier Oriol will personally hand over 11 cars in Rallye version to customers, and the others, apparently, will have to be content with a handshake of less famous Guerlain Chicherita.

Lancia Delta Evo-e 2026.

About their further creative plans the racers have not announced anything yet.

We should add that in 2018 a gasoline restomod based on the classic Delta was made by the Italian firm Automobili Amos, and in general there are more and more such projects.

Among the latest are an updated «wide-bodied» Ferrari Testarossa by Officine Fioravanti, a reincarnation of the Lancia 037 by Kimera Automobili, a Renault 5 Turbo restomod by Legende Automobiles, and a factory Opel Manta GSe electric mod.

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