Land Rover Defender 2021.

Land Rover Defender 2021.

Land Rover Defender 2021.

Land Rover Defender 2021: a stylish and practical off-road conqueror.

The popular English car brand Land Rover has not released updates to its timeless hit under the name Defender for a very long time — a car that can with equal success overcome off-road and go on excellent tracks.

As a result, all the components of the SUV suffered a significant restyling. In particular, the Land Rover Defender 2021 received more modest dimensions than its predecessor, a totally transformed appearance and a noticeably adjusted interior trim.

It is worth noting the improved engine compartment characteristics, as well as the body of off-road devices, thanks to which the model continues to be one of the most popular among fans of off-road travel and extreme trips.


Judging by the photo, one of the main differences between the new item and its predecessor was its body. The SUV shrank slightly in size and received a huge number of decorative and purely pragmatic elements that are not found on other representatives of the brand.

Land Rover Defender 2021.

In general, the style turned out to be very angular, and in it black plastic inserts, evil lighting equipment, bright air intakes, as well as details for comfortable movement outside the roads play an important role.

The front part of the new body turned out to be very aggressive and bright. It differs in small length and width, but at the same time it is set quite high. All this together has a good effect on the off-road characteristics of the car and improves visibility when driving.

Its square shape will not raise any questions among the brand’s fans, since it is quite traditional for this model. And still here you can find an abundance of both decorative and purely functional elements.

At the head of everything, the hood lid attracts the eye, which, although it does not differ in length, contains a large projection in the middle and two slots covered with grilles on the sides. The hood is crowned with a nameplate with the model name.

Then comes the main body, which is decorated with a divided air intake grille. A large rectangular head lighting equipment adjoins it to the right and left. Regardless of the configuration, it will receive xenon filling.

Most of the face of the 2021 Land Rover Defender is reserved for the body kit. In its upper part there is a massive plastic insert, an additional cutout for the air intake, and a little lower — decorative nets made of black plastic on the sides and below.

Even below, a metal diffuser, a place under a license plate, and a thin protective layer of plastic flaunt.

The sides of the new model will differ depending on the selected modification. In the off-road version, there will be many elements of unpainted plastic, while the «civilian» car will be decorated mainly in chrome and black gloss.

Land Rover Defender 2021.

The general thing that is present in the profile of the novelty is the solidity and severity of the forms. In all cases, there will be a rather massive strip of windows, divided into separate fragments by body pillars that merge with the glass into an almost integral element.

In front, it is continued by large rectangles of mirrors, which will receive turn signal repeaters, and decorative «gills» of air intakes on the front fenders, and a barely noticeable undulating relief goes down. At the very bottom, the massive wheel arches with clearly visible extensions are striking, as well as a serious protective layer of black plastic around the entire perimeter.

The feed of the car is a typical SUV. It is set almost vertically in relation to the roadway and has an angular shape. In its upper part, you can find a large almost square window, visually merging with the black-gloss rear pillars, bright side lights, and also very few plastic inserts.

Below you can find chrome-plated decals as well as a stylishly designed spare wheel cover. The bumper body kit came out slightly inflated, since it includes both metal and plastic elements, the latter playing mainly the role of protection.

Traditionally, it has not done without fog lights, as well as a modest relief. But everything else, including the slots for the exhaust pipes, is located under the body.

Land Rover Defender 2021.


Despite the fact that the native element of the car is off-road, the English masters could not make its interior badly. Therefore, the new Land Rover Defender 2021 model year will get off with decent fabrics, two types of plastic, real leather and even metal inserts.

The level of multimedia equipment will not let you get bored on the way, and luxurious seats will allow you to comfortably cover any distance in the car.

Control and management bodies

It is impossible to find anything unnecessary on the center console. Its upper tier is made up of two large deflectors, a large-format touchscreen display, and a little lower is a climate control unit that goes directly to the technical panel, the place of which is most often at the beginning of the tunnel.

Here it is slightly raised, and the tunnel itself, large and massive, boasts a variety of pockets for small things, a flap for connecting accessories and charging a smartphone, cup holders, and a solid armrest with a refrigerator compartment inside.

Completing the look of this part of the cabin is simply a space steering wheel with a narrow rim and a huge number of buttons on the spokes, as well as an instrument cluster with perfectly readable sensors and an on-board computer between them.

Land Rover Defender 2021.

Registration of seats

The car can be either five or seven, and each rider will receive a comfortable, soft seat trimmed with fabric or natural leather. From the options here it is worth highlighting heating, lateral support for the driver and front passenger, adjustable head restraints and the ability to adjust the position of the seat using electronics.


Under the hood of the Land Rover Defender 2021 there can be two-liter diesel units with a recoil of 200 or 240 forces or a hybrid based on a 3-liter gasoline unit. In this case, the car is already capable of showing 400 «horses».
Each engine will be paired with a six-speed automatic transmission combined with an all-wheel drive system. These nuances will allow the car to feel great in most driving situations, as shown by a test drive.

Options and prices

The price of a car in the minimum configuration will be 40,000 euros, and in the most prestigious — 2,500 euros more.

Competing models

Among the main rivals of the novelty are Jeep Wrangler and Mercedes of class G.

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