Land Rover Defender 2022.

Land Rover Defender 2022.

Land Rover Defender 2022.

Land Rover Defender 2022: brutality and power with a legendary name.

The English company Land Rover has not indulged brand’s fans with restyling of one of the hits — Defender model for a long time.

A few months ago the automobile world still saw the updated Land Rover Defender 2022 — more compact than the previous generation cars, but still perfectly suitable for the city, track and off-road.

Exterior and interior of the new model has changed very appreciably, as well as its technical component.

But the solid arsenal of off-road devices retained, which will allow the new generation of Englishman to compete on equal terms with the brutal conquerors of bad roads from European, Asian and American manufacturers.


Even from the photo it is not difficult to determine that the appearance of the new car is quite different from its predecessor.

«Passer-by» became a little smaller and boasts an abundance of both decorative and purely functional details that distinguish it from other representatives of the brand.

In general, the new body became more angular, and a significant area is occupied by black plastic inserts, performing both decorative and protective functions.

Headlights, large air intake systems and off-road devices complement the new items’ look.

The brightest thing is the muzzle of the new model. Placed high, it can boast of neither length nor width.

But visibility and cross-country ability, due to the named qualities and branded «squareness», is up to the mark. The windshield has outstanding sizes, but it is inclined not very much.

Land Rover Defender 2022.

In the lower part it passes smoothly into the hood lid, which is not long, but contains a large ledge in the middle, as well as two recesses with plastic plugs on the edges. A noticeable place here is the nameplate with the model name.

The main part of the front end attracts attention, first of all, divided into symmetrical parts radiator grille.

From the sides it is closely approached by massive headlights, which received in any variant the quality xenon stuffing.

Everything below is included in a complex system of dodgers, the upper part of which is represented by a large plastic strip, a reserve slot in the air intake, as well as decorative plates of black plastic on the edges and below.

This part is completed by a metal diffuser, a platform for the license plate and a thin protective plastic strip.

The profile part of the Land Rover Defender 2022 turned out very bright, but it will be slightly different, depending on the chosen version of the car.

Land Rover Defender 2022.

The more off-road version will get a lot of brutal elements made of black plastic, while the civilian modification will have chrome and black-gloss design.

However, in any case, sides of the «Englishman» look strict and solid. They start with a large window line, divided into parts by body struts, almost imperceptible against the background of glasses.

The front of this figure is adorned by large rectangular mirrors with turn signal repeaters, as well as «gills» air intake slots near the front fenders.

All this is intertwined with not the brightest wave-like relief, resting at the bottom with large, widened wheel arches, as well as a solid black plastic protective layer running through the entire perimeter.

At the rear, the car meets the best traditions of automotive all-road fashion. Set almost plumb to the road, the stern has an angular shape and looks brutal.

It begins with a large square window, visually inseparable from the black-gloss rear pillars, along which run and arrays of parking lights.

Land Rover Defender 2022.

Below you can find a small number of plastic decorative elements. Not far from all this there are chrome nameplates and stylish round spare tire box.

The bodykit is a bit blown due to the connection of metal and plastic parts, and the last performs mainly protective functions.

There are also fog lights and small relief transitions on the bumper. Everything else, including the end of the exhaust system, is hidden under it.


Despite the fact that the new Land Rover Defender 2022 model year «sharpened» to work on off-road, the interior of the car remains quite at the level.

Among the materials used are good fabrics, plastic, leather and aluminum inserts. The entertainment system leaves a pleasant impression, and slightly improved seats will allow you to feel great on any trip.

Controls and controls

The front console looks very ergonomic and does not contain anything unnecessary.

Its upper part is represented by two massive deflectors of ventilation and a large touch screen multimedia, and slightly below is the insert torso and buttons to work with the climate system.

Land Rover Defender 2022.

This device brings the view directly to the technical block, located immediately at the beginning of the tunnel.

For the convenience of the driver this part is slightly lifted up, and then smoothly goes down, opening access to the pockets for small items, jacks and a place for charging gadgets, as well as cupholders.

Everything ends with a massive armrest, the glove compartment in which can be heated or cooled.

A separate mention deserves a fantastic steering wheel with a rim of average width and dozen of all sorts of switches on spokes and a dashboard located strictly behind it with perfectly readable main gauges and informative trip computer in the middle.

Seat design

The novelty is designed for five or seven people, with each person having a comfortable seat, covered with fabric or leather with a rather soft filling.

Additional comfort is provided by heating, lumbar-side support of the first row seats, as well as the ability to adjust the seat position with the help of electric motors.

The headrests also can «adapt» to the peculiarities of the rider. The functionality of the other seats is a bit more modest, but they provide the most comfortable seating and plenty of space, which was proven during the test drive.

Technical characteristics

For Land Rover Defender 2022 two-liter diesel engines with 200 or 240 «horses» accordingly are prepared, and also three-liter gasoline engine that gives out 399 powers together with electric motor.

More «hot» versions of power-units are also announced, which can reach 600-650 hp.

Each motor will be connected to a six-speed automatic transmission and a four-wheel drive system. Such characteristics will allow the car to feel excellent in any road conditions, though there is no need to speak about fuel economy.

Options and prices

Starting price of Englishman close to the mark in $ 50,000, all additional options will increase the cost of another 10,000 units of American currency.

Start of sales in Russia

On the date of release in Russia novelties talk is not yet, although at home and in the United States expect the car closer to the end of 2022.

Competing models

The most serious competition to the British passerby will make the Mercedes G-Class, as well as the Jeep Wrangler.

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