Land Rover Defender V8 Bond Edition 2022.

Land Rover Defender V8 Bond Edition 2022.

Land Rover Defender V8 Bond Edition 2022.

The exclusive Land Rover Defender V8 Bond Edition is out: unique design and 518-horsepower engine.

More recently, Land Rover arranged a symbolic event in honor of its collaboration with the James Bond film «No Time to Die» and presented us with the new Defender V8 Bond Edition 2022, and launched its production worldwide.

According to official reports, about 300 copies of this model were produced in the first weeks of sales.

The new Bond Edition differs radically from the previous Defender models.

An important innovation, including the two-door and three-door versions of the machine.

The shade of Santorini Black in the new edition looks very nice and is more versatile than the previous Defender car paint.

The hub flanges are equipped with a set of 22-inch wheels. Also of note are the contrasting Xenon Blue front brake calipers.

Land Rover Defender V8 Bond Edition 2022.

As an addition, the model is equipped with the Defender Extended Black Pack set of versatile features and benefits.

These modifications include new gloss black trim colors for the trunk, hood, front and rear protective panels, and grille.

Land Rover Defender V8 Bond Edition 2022.

Let’s pay attention to the body cladding, as well as the wheel arches, which have gained a fresh look.

At the moment, the new version of the car has been driven only 210 km, so car owners can not give unequivocal assessments about it due to lack of practice driving.

Land Rover Defender V8 Bond Edition 2022.

The new SUV has a special finish of black leather and alcantara, which, of course, creates a unique atmosphere inside the cabin, as well as giving a more solid look to the car.

The power characteristics of the model is determined by a 5.0-liter turbocharged V8 engine, the power of which reaches 518 hp.

Thanks to it, the car can reach a top speed of 240 km/h. After the test drive, staff found out the acceleration time up to 100 km/h — 5,2 seconds.

Land Rover Defender V8 Bond Edition 2022.

If we talk about the price of the updated version Defender V8 Bond Edition, it is approximately 103 507 euros, which in our currency is 11.8 million rubles.

Also an official representative of the company said that after the release of an exclusive limited edition will begin production of a full line of new models.


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