Land Rover Range Rover 2022.

Land Rover Range Rover 2022.

Land Rover Range Rover 2022.

Land Rover Range Rover 2022: A thoroughbred Brit in a new look.

The leader of English SUV lineup Land Rover Range Rover 2022 confidently and slowly opens the fifth generation of premium Europeans in Russia.

The current restyling has made the novelty more brutal and stylish externally, comfortable inside and added «fire» to its under-hood characteristics.

Despite the markedly increased cost, top brand executives are confident in maintaining sales volumes, because the car, which has moved to a new platform, should become more interesting to buyers of both sexes and all ages.


Even in the photo the car looks very modern, while retaining the traditional outline, relief and low window line.

In this case, the novelty, according to the designers’ plan, should harmoniously combine innovative and traditional elements, maintaining a balance between smooth lines and sharp edges, which are noticeably less here.

In this case, the new body perfectly preserved its recognizability, especially if we talk about the front part of it.

It is set at a medium height, has square proportions and a very large, but not too sloping windshield, passing in almost flat hood lid with a small relief recess in the center.

Stylish rectangular headlights with diode stuffing and a huge amount of micro-mirrors, forming a beam of light and depicting tips for the driver on the road look out from under it.

Land Rover Range Rover 2022.

The trademark small grille has received a more massive chrome frame, as well as a pattern with many small rectangles.

The bumper of the Land Rover Range Rover 2022 can not be called volumetric, but it looks very powerful due to the barely noticeable relief transitions and futuristic insert at the bottom, in which, inside the rectangular cutout second air intake, paints a horizontal chrome strip with thin strips of fog lights.

The profile of the new model boasts the usual strict outlines and streamlined relief, creating a sense of power and brutality.

Perfectly flat roof slightly lowers to the rear, exposing a large «shark fin» of the antenna and the side of a powerful spoiler.

All this is emphasized by huge windows of correct form which as if float above the body due to introduction by designers of not wide, practically imperceptible supports and the thinnest edging.

Immediately below them begin smooth relief pirouettes, breaking at the rounded wheel arches with pronounced flanging, as well as a powerful protective layer of black plastic at the bottom.

Completing the look are stylish small mirrors, fully recessed door handles, a decorative U-shaped insert just behind the front fender, as well as slightly updated alloy wheel rims.

Land Rover Range Rover 2022.

The new model’s stern is distinguished by a twin spoiler fin overhanging a rounded, large spoiler. The rear window stands out for its rectangular shape and large size.

The main part of the fifth door draws attention with a large black U-shaped insert, in which LED parking lights are integrated.

The relief here is quite simple and differs only in the stamping for the license plate and the nameplate with the name of the model.

The powerful black, durable plastic dodger includes parking sensors, rear fog lights and a massive metal plate at the very bottom.


Inside the new Land Rover Range Rover 2022 model year, everything will be finished with the best materials, including leather, metal inserts, and wood.

All kinds of technical assistants and devices will allow the driver to cope with all the difficulties of the way, and the modern multimedia center — do not miss the passengers.

In general, the interior of Englishman can be estimated by the phrase «expensive-rich».

Land Rover Range Rover 2022.

The design of the front

A fore-board of the car with its big dimensions as if «draws» all control elements nearer to the driver.

Thus, very convenient, by responses of testers, the steering wheel of the Englishman is located, it has a pleasant to the touch rim and a powerful central part with a lot of all sorts of switches on the sides.

Behind a steering wheel there is a completely virtual dashboard surrounded by thin deflectors of ventilation.

Nearer to the center is a giant multimedia touchpad, and slightly below — a block of torsion knobs and buttons for adjustment of parameters of the climate system.

All this is trimmed with noble and expensive materials with practically total, by the way, absence of physical controls.

Seating and luggage compartment

The car is designed for four, five or, in the extended version, for seven people, each of whom will get a chic fabric or natural leather seat with a soft filler.

All the options are not listed here: from electric adjustments of all seats and heating to a four-zone climate control, built-in backrests of the front seats entertainment system displays, as well as speakers and a minibar for rear passengers.

Land Rover Range Rover 2022.

The volume of a trunk of the car is impressive: from 312 liters in seven-seater version to almost 1100 liters with lengthened base and folded back rows.

Technical Specifications

The car has kept both short and long versions, and the length of both increased exactly by 53 mm and now is 5.052 and 5.252 meters, respectively. The height of the SUV has increased slightly, to 1.87 meters.

In addition, for Land Rover Range Rover 2022 prepared an ultramodern platform MLA-Flex, consisting of modules and assuming no-alternative «pneumatic», multi-lever behind and longitudinal position of the engine.

Standard air suspension clearance is small 16 centimeters, but it can be increased up to 29,5 if off-road conditions require it.

As for engines, in Russia they will be presented with three-liter turbodiesel for 249 and 350 «horses», and the petrol V-shaped «eight» will give out 530 powers.

Transmission is presented by the only classical 8-speed «automatic» which transfers efforts to all wheels.

Test-drive showed that the truck perfectly copes with all difficult situations on the road, for example, it can «take» a 43-degree rise or pass a ford of almost one meter depth.

Options and prices

The exact number of options of the updated car is still unknown, but the manufacturers promise at least regular and extended versions, each of which can be supplemented with a package of options.

The price will be announced closer to the start of sales, but judging by the added functionality, it will break the current starting mark of 7.5 million quite easily.

Special mention should be made of the central tunnel, extending up to the rear rows and includes in addition to the brutal technical panel, a few organizers, niches, touchscreens, and armrests with storage compartments inside.

Sales start in Russia

Obviously, the release date in Russia of the car, assembled in England, will be somewhat later than at home. Approximately it is the middle of 2022, and in the case of the electric version — even the beginning of 2024.

Competing models

The closest to the novelty will be the German three: Mercedes GLS, Audi Q7 and BMW X8; the other competitors are Nissan Patrol, Infiniti QX80 and Lexus LX 570.

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