Lexus ES 2023.

Lexus ES 2023.

Lexus ES 2023.

Now this is the best sedan of our time — the updated Lexus ES 2023. It understands a person from the word of mouth.

The Japanese company Lexus has presented an updated Lexus ES 2023 for the European market.

To a large extent, this update affected the model’s onboard equipment and had almost no effect on its exterior design, although adjustments to the cabin still took place.

Speaking of the exterior, we note the appearance of a new trim level under the name «F Sport Design», which appeared new 19-inch alloy wheels, 10 additional colors of body paint, badges with the name of the variant around the front fenders and 4 different colors of interior trim.

The interior of the luxury sedan has undergone more noticeable changes, and in general, they mostly concern the central console of the ES.

A pair of cupholders appeared here, and the area for wireless charging of smartphones has been increased, while the USB-A and USB-C ports have remained intact.

Lexus ES 2023.

In addition, a new interior trim color «aluminum sand» is available to buyers.

The main changes affect the multimedia system of Lexus ES 2023, which is now much more adapted to human interaction.

Lexus ES 2023.

It is reported that it has become more intuitive to operate and responds to user commands much faster.

Moreover, it understands voice commands as well as «hints. For example, if you say «Hey Lexus I’m cold», the car will increase the temperature of the air in the cabin.

Lexus ES 2023.

Connect to the multimedia wirelessly, unfortunately, you can only through Apple CarPlay, while Android-smartphone users can be content with a wired connection exclusively.

Navigation more accurately shows the situation on the way and the current prices at fuel stations.

Lexus ES 2023.

The Lexus specialists have also improved the e-Care service, which allows to make remote diagnostics of the model and manage the necessary parameters from a distance.

It is reported that the assembly of the updated Lexus EC 2023 will start in August this year.

This means that the car will enter the European market closer to winter. Whether these updates will be available on other continents is still unknown.

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