Lexus GX460 2020.

Lexus GX460 2020

Lexus GX460 2020.

Lexus GX460 2020 — Luxury Giant.
As we all know, in the pursuit of perfection, a person forgets the existence of any boundaries. The desire to create something new, fresh, modern, almost every year pushes manufacturers to create updated models that have already proven themselves from the best side of cars.

So, Japanese car dealers remembered the second generation of their premium mid-size SUV, and announced the release of an updated version of the 2020 Lexus GX460 model year. For the first time, this SUV model was presented to the public back in 2009 and has not been updated since then.

Lexus GX460 2020

Facelift of the new model

The future version of the Lexus GX 460 2020 in a new body was built, like its predecessor, on the Prado 150 platform.

The idea of ​​L-finesse, which reflects the appearance of an SUV, combines such contradictions as exquisite luxury and aggression off-road conqueror. Although the exterior of the novelty did not succumb to special changes, the designers managed to reduce the weight of the body itself through the use of lighter materials.

We will begin to consider the facelift of the Lexus GX460 2020 model year from its front end. The front area looks more expressive and powerful. This effect was achieved primarily due to the shape of the air intake and grille, which in the compartment form the shape of an hourglass. This design decision has already become the hallmark of the company and is used on many modern models of the Japanese giant.

The lighting technique is complemented by LED lighting technology, supplemented by LED-backlighting, which provides better illumination of the roadway at night. From the front wing to the rear body kit, a relief line extends, divided into three components by wheel arches, thereby creating harmony between all elements of the body and giving streamlining to the exterior.

The back has remained unchanged. All the same transparent lampshades, and the feed of the SUV hints at some kind of similarity with the Prado. According to some reports, while developing a new generation, the company paid special attention to small elements of the body, trying to make them more vivid and noticeable. Judging by the photos, it turned out quite well.

Lexus GX460 2020.

Salon GX 460

What immediately catches your eye is that the interior of the LX 570 is at the heart of the interior. The interior is striking in its richness. Not without decorative inserts made of wood, and genuine leather is an integral part.

The dashboard succumbed to transformation. First of all, she was transformed, taking into account the fact that she will play the role of a kind of assistant during the movement. The number of controls in the form of mechanical buttons on the panel, door and steering wheel just rolls over. It seems that you are in the cockpit.

The 330-watt installation “Mark Levinson” (9 speakers, 3D-sound, everything as it should) will amuse the “audience” inside the cabin. An 8.5-inch touch monitor leaves the bowels of the front panel, and for passengers sitting behind, you can install optional 7-inch displays that are mounted in the headrests of the front seats.

Lexus GX460 2020..


According to preliminary data, the mid-size motor will be driven by the same power unit that is installed in the current model. It is a 4.6-liter gasoline engine with 8 cylinders and a power of 296 horsepower.

It seems that such a «monster» can move 2291 kg of metal on the shoulder off-road with five passengers inside. In unison with the engine, a 6-speed automatic will work.

Lexus GX460 2020...

Price and start of sales

The appearance on the market of an updated model is expected in late autumn and early winter of this year. Depending on the selected configuration (and there will be about 5), the price of a car will vary from 3,200,000 to 4,900,000 rubles.

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