Lexus IS 2021.

Lexus IS 2021.

Lexus IS 2021.

Lexus IS 2021: the global premium Japanese sedan model.
This year Lexus has focused its efforts on modernizing its brand range, which is popular in the world market. Recently, a cosmetic restyling of a premium sedan — Lexus IS 2021 — has been successfully implemented.

The modernization has made it possible to implement a number of design solutions in the exterior and interior.


In a new, more modern arrangement, the novelty demonstrates the external dimensions typical for this model, recognizable elements of the classic style and the features of the corporate body decor. The new model looks the most dynamically and expressively on advertising photos and videos in front projection. In sight:

Lexus IS 2021.

• panoramic windscreen format recessed into the front pillars;

• ribbed sidewalls and a steep slope of the front edge of the massive hood;

• wedge-shaped shape of multi-element blocks of LED head optics;

• coarse mesh, decorated with a logo and a silvery perimeter X-shaped radiator cladding.

The lower segment of the massive front end attracts attention with the aerodynamic configuration of the vertical side diffusers and the compact body kit that performs protective and decorative functions. The entourage is complemented by a set of fog lamps and a large number of details of ribbed aggressive relief.

To a lesser extent, the surface upgrade has identified itself in the design of the body sidewalls. In the profile projection, the features of the traditional sedan layout are visible. In stock:

• the minimum difference in the slope of the hood and front glazing;

• slightly sloping roof added with a spoiler;

• contrasting tone combination of chrome trim and black plastic trim for high side windows.

Lexus IS 2021.

The design and construction features of the new version of the sedan — Lexus IS 2021 — should be noted stylish mirrors, longitudinal stepped body profiles, smooth curves of square wheel arches and an original five-lobe design of 18-inch wheels in its class.

The new body of the premium sedan looks somewhat aggressive from the rear. Lexus of the new formation is identified by:

• on the high sidewalls and features of the relief of the compact tailgate;

• two-story layout of multifunctional lanterns;

• drop-shaped configuration of anti-fog lampshades and characteristic outlines of protective and decorative lining of a plastic off-road body kit.

Recognizable brand symbols, chrome nameplates and elements of stepped aerodynamic relief act as decor.

Lexus IS 2021.


In the new generation, Lexus IS 2021 will receive a leather interior modified in terms of comfort, premium electronics, as well as expanded functionality of standard and special options.

The front panel will delight future owners with the informativeness of a digital dashboard with a convincing imitation of analog dial indicators, the ability to activate and quickly configure the standard equipment with the buttons of the sports multifunction steering wheel and command functionality of a multimedia tablet installed above the center console.

The dashboard also includes a block of ventilation deflectors, a mechanical analogue clock, traditional for premium cars, and a large remote control with several rows of analog and touch switches.

The basic configuration of the tunnel includes:

• a capacious well for a smartphone and various small things;

• technical segment with a joystick for transmission control and a washer for switching driving modes;

• cup holders;

• an extended set of organizers and a refrigerator located under a folding comfortable armrest.

In terms of technical and electronic equipment, the new Lexus surpasses a significant part of the same type of European assortment. Electronic assistants simplify driving in difficult road conditions, and also effectively optimize the traction characteristics of the engine and power train components.

• Service of the most comfortable and ergonomic chairs offers lateral and lumbar support, several types of operational adjustments, heated and ventilated seats. In the top-end modification, multi-mode vibration massage is promised.

• The lack of service functionality in the second row seats is compensated by a large amount of personal space for each of the three riders, the presence of air vents and other organizers that form comfort.

The body structure provides the opportunity to at least double the already spacious luggage compartment volume due to the rear backrests.

Lexus IS 2021.


Initially formatted in nominal ratios of 4710 x 1840 and 1435 mm, the body dimensions of the new generation sedan have been left unchanged. Undercarriage assets:

• 2800 mm center-to-center base;

• comfortable independent suspension with long-travel shock absorbers;

• the ability to install 20-inch wheels;

• effective brakes and anti-roll bars;

• additional functions of standard and special security systems.

The Lexus 2021 version for the Russian market is equipped with two versions of gasoline power units with parameters of 2 l / 238 hp. and 3.5 l / 300 hp, working in tandem with a front-wheel drive base or all-wheel drive top-end automated transmission.

The test drive in all respects confirmed the high dynamics of acceleration, optimal off-road and driving characteristics for its class.

Options and prices

In the domestic automotive market, the new Lexus IS of the 2021 model year is announced in three modifications.

The price of the base model is at the level of 3.5 million rubles, the cost of the top-end configuration is in the range of 5.2-5.5 million units of domestic currency.

Competing models

In the world ranking, the premium sedan is on a par with analogues such as the BMW 3-series, Mercedes-Benz C-class and Alpina B3.

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