Lexus LFA 2 2025.

Lexus LFA 2 2025.

Lexus LFA 2 2025.

Toyota at the end of last year presented a series of electric car concepts, which it plans to release both under its own brand and under the Lexus brand.

Among the presented cars there was a prototype of some sports car.

A number of experts suggested that this concept conceals the future Lexus LFA 2 2025.

Toyota has not confirmed this information yet. But designers have already recreated the exterior of the new Lexus LFA 2.

Published renders suggest that the Japanese model will undergo dramatic changes after the first change of generations: the presented sports car is completely unlike its predecessor.

This difference is largely due to the fact that the future Lexus LFA 2 will become an electric car.

In this case, the presented sports car differs from the prototype which made its debut last year.

Lexus LFA 2 2025.

The reason is that according to rumors, Toyota made many of the shown concepts in a hurry. Therefore, the production versions of these cars will undergo major changes.

The Japanese media report that the new sports car will get a battery with enough capacity to provide 700 kilometers of range.

Type of engines has not yet been approved, but according to preliminary information, Lexus LFA 2 will be able to accelerate to 100 km/h in just two seconds.

A number of sources say that this model will come with a hybrid unit, which together develops up to 700 horsepower.

Toyota in general intends to actively develop the sports direction of its cars.

Thus, in 2023, there should be a new GR GT3, which will focus only on racing competitions.

Lexus LFA 2 2025.

The LFA 2 is planned for 2025. And closer to the beginning of the next decade there should be a full-fledged electric sports car created under the Lexus brand.

The first generation of the model was remembered for its unusual appearance and coolest V10 with 560 horsepower, which allowed exchanging the first «hundred» for 3.7 seconds, while easily reaching a maximum 326 kilometers per hour.

Only 500 copies of these cars were produced, but demand for them was not abnormal and many stood for years in showrooms waiting for their buyers.

Lexus LFA 2 2025.

As for the new LFA, in line with current trends, it will get a gasoline-electric power plant.

The main role here will play a 4-liter twin-turbocharged V8. Together with the electric motor the total capacity will be 950 hp.

More details about the Japanese journalists did not hurry to reveal, promising to present new insider information in the next issue of the magazine. LFA second-generation should debut in 2025.

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