Lexus LFR 2025.

Lexus LFA 2025.

Lexus LFR 2025.

Lexus LFR 2025. New 950 hp Lexus LFR will be successor of LFA: first photos and features of Japanese model.

Toyota has registered a new trademark LFR in Australia. According to rumors, a new sports car will be released with this index, which will become the successor of the legendary LFA.

Note that the Japanese company has previously registered the same brand in Europe.

At the same time, there’s little official information about the new Lexus LFR 2025 — so far all information about the model is preliminary.

Thus, Japanese mass media informed about a year ago that the manufacturer will equip the future sports car with eight-cylinder turbocharged engine with hybrid technology.

Its preliminary capacity reaches 950 hp. But Lexus has not confirmed (but also has not denied) this information.

In general, the Japanese company in principle does not comment on rumors about LFA’s return to the world market.

Lexus LFR 2025.

However, electric car concepts debuted at the end of last year may reveal the appearance of the future sports car (photo: Lexus).

The future LFR is expected to get one of the most aerodynamically optimized bodies.

Lexus LFR 2025.

Its front end features flowing curves which, combined with a short and oval roof and heavily angled uprights, will ensure better redistribution of oncoming air currents.

The Japanese novelty will be completed with huge air intakes.

And a part of a counterflow will probably go through the engine compartment. «bursting out» through compact holes in the hood. This solution, apparently, will provide additional downforce.

Lexus LFR 2025.

For the latter, a wide central air intake is also provided, under which you can see a developed splitter. In the presented concept the ground clearance is reduced to a minimum.

But it has received sufficiently large wheels with low-profile rubber.

Lexus is rumored to begin production of the new LFR in 2025.

Lexus LFR 2025.

However, industry sources report that it will be a long time before the car hits the market.

According to preliminary data, the first production examples of the Lexus LFR won’t arrive to buyers until seven years from now.

It is also noteworthy because the Japanese company plans to completely switch to electric cars by that time.


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