Lexus NX 2021.

Lexus NX 2021.

Lexus NX 2021.

Lexus NX 2021: a premium mid-range crossover.
Despite the commercial success of its products, Lexus invests in the modernization of popular premium and executive cars. The next year, 2021, will be the time for the Lexus NX 2021 crossover to enter the global market.

Restyling, cosmetic in many respects, identified itself as modified, more aggressive, bodywork elements, updating the salon interior, revising the traction, speed and consumption characteristics of the engine.

The new crossover model, prestigious in all respects, meets the needs of the youth driver’s segment, however, there are many positive reviews from the older generation amateurs.


The changes in appearance are minimal. The new body demonstrates the presence of exterior decoration, partially or completely copied from models of higher price level.

Lexus NX 2021.

In the photo in the most advantageous frontal view, the novelty differs from its predecessor in small details. In stock:

• narrowed at the top of the panoramic windshield format;

• ribbed dynamic profiles of the hood sides;

• branded X-shaped configuration and transverse sipes decorated with a silvery perimeter radiator cladding;

• futuristic design of blocks of multifunctional, LED or top-end matrix optics.

The front side of the body also contains energetic strokes of running lights, side vertical diffusers and fog lamps recessed into the body. The construction is completed by a narrow metal body kit.

A characteristic feature of the premium Lexus NX model of 2021 is the predominance of ribbed, largely aggressive, relief elements in the design of the front end.

In the photo in profile projection, the new version of the Lexus forms a positive visual perception due to the ideal aerodynamics of the body, the tonal contrast of the chrome frame and the dark gloss of the side glazing pillars, the rounded contours of the square wheel arches.

The entourage is appropriately complemented by the original shape of the stylish triangular mirrors, the compact dimensions of the door handles recessed into the body, the presence of a protective plastic skirt on the lower edge of the body, and the pattern of 18-inch titanium wheels.

The belonging of the new version of the Lexus NX 2021 to the crossover family is given by the layout of the rear side of the body.

• The novelty features a spoiler lip for the rear window with side pillars, exclusive graphics for combination lamps and a compact tailgate format.

• The lower segment of the stern attracts attention with the ribbed profile of the protruding bumper and the diagonal placement of the protective panel of the massive body kit with fog lights integrated into the sidewalls.

The decorative functionality is assigned to the chrome-plating of the corporate logo, several nameplates and linings of two large-caliber exhaust pipes.

Lexus NX 2021.


The interior of the comfortable and welcoming five-seater saloon is developed on the basis of premium materials, including several varieties of genuine leather, decorative inserts made of precious woods and polished aluminum composite.

The three-spoke configuration, complemented by command functions, of the multifunction steering wheel provides an excellent overview of the virtual imitation of the instrument panel, with classic pointer indicators and a color computer monitor.

• Of interest is the non-standard diagonal layout of the center console, equipped with a media command display and a panel with elements of operational activation and fine tuning of numerous on-board systems.

• In the structure of the tunnel tightly adjacent to the dashboard, there is a platform with a joystick for switching the power transmission, a washer of a multimedia complex and a switch for driving modes. The complete set includes heated cup holders, an extended list of «comfort» options and the volume of the refrigerator compartment located under the wide armrest.

In terms of on-board electronics functionality, the crossover surpasses many of the same type analogues of leading brands.

The first row seats offer effective lateral and lumbar support, extended operating ranges, ventilation circuits and multi-stage seat heating. In a more advanced top version, the function of multi-mode vibration massage is promised.

Travel service for a spacious and comfortable three-seater sofa includes individual climate control, a panel with ports for connecting digital peripherals and a folding armrest. After a simple transformation of the sofa backrest, the 600-liter luggage compartment volume is increased to 1600 liters.

Lexus NX 2021.


In different modifications, the length of the crossover varies in the range of 4630 — 4640 mm. Indicators of width and height are static, respectively, 1845 and 1645 mm. The structural properties of the undercarriage are 2660 mm of the center base and 190 mm of ground clearance.

• The new Lexus NX 2021 model year is adapted to the layout and assembly properties of the Toyota RAV4 bogie with independent MacPherson and link axle suspension, a set of effective disc brakes, stabilizers and safety systems.

• The novelty offers a choice of several gasoline power units with a volume of 2 and 2.5 liters, with a power output of 150 and 238 hp. The traction characteristics of the engine range are effectively implemented by all-wheel drive automatic or CVT transmissions.

Test drive found no significant discrepancies in the declared parameters and test results.

Lexus NX 2021.

Options and prices

The new generation crossover is promised by the manufacturer in nine modifications, the price of the basic version is 2.6 million Russian rubles.

Sales start in Russia

According to leading experts of dealer companies, the release date in Russia will be known at the beginning of the future, 2021.
Lexus NX series has all the data to successfully compete with European and Asian counterparts of the Infiniti QX60 class, BMW X3 or Audi Q3.

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