Lexus NX 2022.

Lexus NX 2022.

Lexus NX 2022.

Some details about the all-new 2022 Lexus NX were revealed earlier in the year when road tests began on the model.

Camouflaged crossovers that appeared on test trials confirmed that the proportions of the new body will remain the same, and that the emphasis will be on changing its «plastic».

The novelty will definitely receive new bumpers and modified optics, and the designers, as expected, tried to hide the rest of the change with the help of camouflage.

But, something clearly did not go according to plan, and more than six months before the official premiere, detailed photos of the second-generation NX SUV appeared on the Web.

Despite the fact that the source of the «leak» tried to hastily remove them, these photos quickly spread across numerous automotive Internet publications.

2nd generation overview

The compact premium SUV Lexus NX has been produced since 2014, and in 2022 the model is preparing to change its generation for the first time.

As before, the design of the car will be based on a modular platform from RAV4, which will allow borrowing a part of its engine range from the Toyota SUV.

And this time, the TNGA-K cart will again undergo modernization with the prospect of installing more powerful hybrids.

Lexus NX 2022.

In the meantime, the manufacturer promises to preserve the previous versions with conventional aspirated engines, turbo engines and two variants of hybrid installations — «soft» and rechargeable.

Accordingly, the names of the trim levels may be as follows: NX 200, NX 250, NX 350, NX 350h and 450h +.

New body

The concept remains: the branded «hourglass» still flaunts on the front end, but the filling of the radiator grille will be completely different.

Instead of horizontal jumpers, a lot of vertical elements will appear.
The bumper will receive several original openings and aerodynamic planes, and the front optics will get rid of the «arrows» of the running lights.

The shape of the hood and sidewalls of the new body, up to the shape of the wheel arches, will remain the same.

At the stern, the new bumper will be decorated with a new false diffuser, the lights will receive different graphics, and the aggressive design of the rear end will be given by folds-holes designed to divert air from the rear wheels.

Lexus NX 2022.


The interior of the 2022 Lexus NX, the second generation, will be completely transformed, and the front console will lose the massive protruding central part.

Now in this place will settle a large 14-inch multimedia display, in the lower part of which the climate control panel will be integrated.

A place for wireless charging will be provided on the central tunnel, a separate unit will be responsible for switching transmission modes, while the second half will be occupied by cup holders.

Door cards, a multifunction steering wheel and a digital dashboard will be completely new in the Japanese SUV. The latter will be hidden in a recess and covered with a stylish visor, where the head-up display will «hide».

Lexus NX 2022.

Specifications and filling

The core of the engine range of the premium «RAV4» will be a THS II hybrid with a 2.5-liter A25A-FXS engine (178 hp, 221 Nm).

Thanks to the electrical component, the power plant will be able to produce up to 222 «horses».

The same engine will be used for the plug-in hybrid, which has an estimated power of 306 hp. from.

Also, the Lexus NX 2022 crossover is predicted to have a 3.5-liter V-shaped «six» from Camry, which in the «Russian» version produces 249 hp. from.

Lexus NX: prices and when will it be released in Russia?

The date of the premiere of the new Lexus NX, the second generation, has not yet been named, but according to Japanese journalists, it should take place in early 2022, and since it will be a serial version, the novelty should appear immediately on sale around the world.

The crossover is also expected in Russia, where the model is officially sold by dealers: in the current version, the basic version of the NX is a version with a 150-horsepower aspirated engine, then there is a version with a 238 hp turbo. from. and a hybrid with a 2.5-liter petrol engine and two electric motors. The base Lexus NX today costs 2.7 million rubles.

Lexus NX 2022.

Model history

The history of the NX model dates back to 2014 when the stylish LF-NX concept was unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show.

The serial version, which debuted after the concept, is built on a platform from Toyota Rav 4 and is positioned as a stylish, urban SUV for wealthy young people.

In 2017, the model underwent restyling, the crossover received new optics, bumpers and a radiator grill, due to which it became more like its older brother — Lexus RX.

The model dated 2017 is still relevant for the Russian market, prices for it start at 2,700,000 rubles.

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