Lexus RX 2020.

Lexus RX 2019-2020

Lexus RX 2020.

Restyling of the «fourth» Lexus RX.

The model range of the Lexus premium brand was replenished with the updated 2018-2019 Lexus RX crossover. Both the regular five-seater version of the car and the seven-seater version of the RX L with three rows of seats underwent planned restyling.

During the upgrade, both versions received precise refinements in the body design, improved electronic equipment, assistance systems with advanced functionality and a completely reconfigured chassis, which seemed to guarantee more precise handling.

Lexus PX 2020 sales will start this fall. First, a new model will appear in the USA, and then it will enter other world markets. Restyled Lexus RX will reach Russia in early 2020, while a strong increase in crossover prices after the upgrade is not expected. That is, it is appropriate to focus on the current price list starting from 3 million rubles (RX 300 version with a 238-horsepower 2.0-liter turbo engine and a 6-speed automatic).

Lexus RX 2019-2020

Minor appearance adjustment.

There are no global changes in the styling of the body of the Lexus RX, although there are enough innovations both in front and behind.

The front part has acquired new narrow headlamps, a retouched radiator grille and a modified bumper with horizontal sections of fog lamps located at the lower edge. In the top trim levels, the crossover is equipped with the latest BladeScan Type AHS LED optics with an adaptive function that allows you to quickly configure the light beam.

From the stern, a restyled version can be recognized by a different lamp pattern (the same L-shaped motifs, but in a different interpretation) and a redesigned bumper architecture (diffuser and exhaust have a new configuration).

The new Lexus can be ordered in two body colors not previously included in the palette — Moonbeam Beige Metallic and Nori Green Pearl. Well, of course, the models rely on new options for alloy wheels of the 18th and 20th sizes.

Lexus RX 2019-2020

Metamorphoses in the cabin.

The interior of the Lexus RX visually remains the same, but with a detailed examination, some innovations are revealed. Most of them relate to the top-level multimedia system. So, in the new edition, she received a 12.3-inch widescreen screen with touch controls and an additional touchpad on the tunnel, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay interfaces, voice command recognition function.

Moreover, thanks to the Dynamic Voice Command system, the media center “understands” much more phrases, processing even complex queries. At the same time, the basic multimedia complex, which has an 8-inch display, the update bypassed, so its functionality has not changed.

Lexus RX 2019-2020

Salon of the new PX.

There have been improvements in security. For example, developers improved the Pre-Collision system by teaching it to detect in the daytime not only pedestrians, but also cyclists.

In addition, the car was equipped with more sensitive cameras and radars, better scanning the surrounding space in low light conditions.

Its portion of new items went to the long-wheelbase version of the Lexus RX L, which received an upgraded third row of seats with two positions. Using them, you can either increase the stock for the feet of passengers, or increase the amount of luggage.

Lexus RX 2019-2020

Specifications Lexus RX 2019-2020 year.

The lineup of Lexus PX modifications was untouched, which means that buyers will still be able to choose between versions:

Lexus RX 300 — four-cylinder 2.0-liter turbo engine, 238 hp.;

Lexus RX 350 — V-shaped “six” 3.5 liters, 300 hp;

Lexus RX 450h — hybrid installation (3.5 V6 unit + two electric motors), 313 hp output

The lack of changes in the engine range is partially offset by an improvement in the power structure of the body (the number of seams and weld points has increased) and a review of the suspension structure (thicker anti-roll bars have appeared). In addition, the key components of the RX chassis have been re-calibrated. All this, together, allowed to make the crossover behavior on the road more predictable and conducive to dynamic driving.


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