Lexus UX 300e 2021.

Lexus UX 300e 2021.

Lexus UX 300e 2021.

Lexus unveils UX 300e electric car for Europe — fineauto In Europe, sales of the 2021 Lexus UX 300e electric crossover will begin soon.

The novelty is equipped with an electric power plant that develops 204 hp. power and 300 Nm of torque.

Also, the electric car is aggregated with a battery with a capacity of 54.5 kWh installed under the bottom.

The automaker will warrant the battery for 1,000,000 kilometers or 10 years of operation. The warranty also covers drops in battery capacity below 70%.

On one charge, the UX 300e electric car can travel on a WLTP cycle from 305 to 315 kilometers.

Lexus has signed an agreement with Digital Charging Solutions (DCS), which already has more than 85,000 charging stations in France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Lexus UX 300e 2021.

Under this agreement, all Lexus UX 300e owners will be able to use any charging station free of charge for six months.

Then they will be offered to subscribe to a paid subscription costing about 5.5 euros per month (500 rubles at the exchange rate). The cost of the Lexus UX 300e has not yet been announced. Electric car sales will begin in 2021.

Characteristics Lexus UX 300e

The electric car is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 54.3 kWh. It is capable of providing a range of up to 400 km on a single charge according to the NEDC cycle, however, we recommend focusing on the WLTP cycle data.

Lexus UX 300e 2021.

According to the second, the electric car has a cruising range of up to 300 km. The battery can be charged both from a 6.6 kW AC household power supply and from a DC charging station with a power of up to 50 kW. Charging time from the latter takes 50 minutes.

The battery powers a single electric motor on the front axle with 150 kW (201 hp) and 300 Nm of torque. Acceleration 0-100 km / h lasts 8.7 seconds.


The electric version is almost indistinguishable from the petrol one. The exception is that the ground clearance has decreased by 20 mm.

This is due to the fact that the electric car has become heavier up to 1900 kg due to the mass of the battery. And also a connector for high-speed charging appeared on the right.

And instead of the tank flap, a connector appeared for normal charging. The large front grille remains as a reminder of the petrol version.

The front and rear lights follow the lines of the Latin letter «L», thus hinting at the first letter in the brand name.

Lexus UX 300e 2021.

The salon is richly given with various buttons and switches. Many automakers strive to minimize such decoration, because it only confuses the driver. But Lexus decided not to deviate from the already familiar design and functional solutions.

A very modest multimedia system is located on the central panel. There is also a digital display on the dashboard.

It displays basic information on the movement: speed, battery charge, power reserve, and more. When turned on / off, the steering wheel extends and retracts to provide additional space.

As for the interior trim, it is very simple and no frills. The design of the rear row of seats is in many ways similar to the petrol version, which has a tunnel between the passengers.

Lexus UX 300e 2021.

Its need for an electric version is not entirely clear. However, it is there. Therefore, there is a slight flaw in the electric version.

Lexus UX 300e price

As for the opportunity to buy a Lexus UX 300e, European customers will be able to enjoy the first moments of driving this electric car.

After all, this is where the first deliveries will begin. The price of Lexus UX 300e in the previously described configuration for the European market will be $ 51,130.

According to the manufacturer, in Japan, this electric car will most likely appear in 2021. The cost of the Lexus UX 300e for Japanese customers has not yet been announced.

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