Lexus UX 300E.

Lexus UX 300E.

Lexus UX 300E.

Electric crossover Lexus UX 300e with a power reserve of 400 km.
Lexus UX 300e, as the name implies, was an adaptation of the SUV, which went on sale in March 2019.

There was little information about the new product, but from the fact that it is possible to say that the manufacturer has not shown anything innovative. The electric car is frankly weak and only a low price tag can save sales.


Lexus UX 300E.

Perhaps it’s worth starting with a cart. Following the example of Toyota, the guys from Lexus went on the stage of modernization of the available options. In addition, the platform just released by UX is still painfully fresh.

In general, the battery pack is located on the bottom with a slope on the rear axle. On the front piled a single engine. Due to the increased mass of 400 kg (now the weight of 1900 kg), shock absorbers were changed. That’s essentially all the work.

The power unit is represented by a trivial 4KM with the output of 204 hp at 300 Hm.

The range of the compact crossover is called the NEDC cycle, which few people use today.
The Japanese claim that the Lexus UX 300e 2020 model year will travel on a single charge 400 km, but, if you count on EPA or WLTC, the electric car is unlikely to overcome 300 km.

Declared battery power 54.3 kW * h. From zero to hundreds from the Supercharger Lexus will charge in 50 minutes. Charging from the outlet is also provided. Here the time will stretch to 7 hours.

In addition, the Japanese will offer customers a mobile application in which it will be possible to track the status of the main nodes, regulate the climate and, of course, monitor battery consumption, calculate travels taking into account charging stations and more.

Lexus UX 300E.


Since the dimensions of the platform did not change, there was no sense in redrawing the body. The UX design is clearly not out of date in less than six months.

Although, given that most manufacturers seek to add some futurism to their creations or somehow separate the train from the donor, Lexus designers remained true to themselves.

You can distinguish 300s from ICE options in several ways. This is a laconic inscription “Electric” on the rear doors on each side and a bottom closed with a plastic panel.

The charging socket is hidden in a traditional hatch in the same place where the neck of the fuel tank was located.

Lexus UX 300E.


In the cabin 300e, changes were also not made. Although most electric cars go into eccentric minimalism, the designs have remained unwavering. They didn’t even add extra inches to the multimedia screen.

The only thing now is that the SUV has a new virtual tidy with broadcasting battery charging and a new drawstring of an unnamed transmission.

Lexus UX 300E.

Price and sales start date

The price tag for the electric car has not yet been announced. Most likely it will be higher than the ICE-variant UX, which is sold in Russia at 2.3 million rubles.

When exactly to wait for a novelty is also not clear. In Japan itself, the 300s will go on sale only in 2021, and in Europe and China they promise in the 2020th.

We really hope that the new Lexus will appear in Russia, given the possibility of recharging from the outlet, he would definitely find its customers here.

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