Lincoln Aviator 2022.

Lincoln Aviator 2022.

Lincoln Aviator 2022.

Lincoln has updated the Aviator SUV for the 2022 model year: brighter looks with darker accents.

Lincoln has released an updated Aviator SUV for the 2022 model year.

This time, the manufacturer decided not to take any risks. Specialists of the company slightly refreshed the appearance of the car thanks to a new package.

With glossy black exterior accents replacing the chrome ones, the new Jet Appearance color looks even more interesting. The new package also includes a darkened grille.

At the same time, its shape has not changed. Also, the Lincoln Aviator 2022 model year is put on the roof rails, an insert on the lower nave and rear-view mirror housings, painted in black.

Also the manufacturer has expanded the available range of colors that can be used to paint the body. And «boots» the model in 22-inch wheel disks of black color.

According to Earl Lucas, Linkoln’s chief designer, the new Jet Package color gives the car a more striking appearance, allowing it to stand out on the road.

Lincoln Aviator 2022.

And a lot of black elements make the SUV more aggressive.

The new package gives customers the opportunity to further personalize their Aviator.

Note that such «dark» packages are available from many automakers. They are in high demand among motorists around the world.

Totally the manufacturer offers four color options: flawless white, endless black, silver glow and burgundy velvet.

Lincoln Aviator 2022.

The new package will go on sale early next year. It will be available exclusively in the Aviator Reserve package.

The cost of the SUV with the new package will be $57,355, which is 4.24 million rubles at the current exchange rate.

At the same time, buyers will have to pay another 1,095 dollars (81,000 rubles) for the delivery of the car to the destination.

The Lincoln Aviator SUV got a new package of «stylish» options Brightwork Black.

Lincoln Aviator 2022.

The Lincoln brand has announced that its 2022 model year Aviator SUV will get a new optional package called the Jet Appearance Package, which will add glossy black accents to the car’s exterior.

Building on the success of the Monochromatic Reserve Package, the American brand has replaced all of the Aviator 2022’s chrome accents with gloss black design elements, making the SUV more modern.

According to Lincoln chief exterior designer Earl Lucas, the Jet Package offers a clean, striking look that emphasizes the Aviator’s presence on the road. Black accents highlight the sleek lines and elegant appearance.

Lincoln Aviator 2022.

Specifically, the package adds 22-inch painted black wheels, a blacked-out grille, roof rails and a lower panel.

At the same time, the lower trim and wheel edge moldings are painted the same color as the body.

Body colors available for the SUV include Flawless White, Endless Black, Silver Glow and Bordeaux Velvet. The black trim should blend well with any of these shades.

The new package will be available early next year in the Aviator Reserve Series.

Prices for the Aviator Reserve 2022 start at $57,355 or from 4 million 242 thousand rubles.

Among other things the foreign car will get a camera with 360-degree visibility, an audio system Revel with 14 speakers and leather seats with premium micro-perforated for the first and second rows.

The model is equipped with a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine that develops 400 hp and 562 Nm of torque paired to a 10-speed automatic transmission.
The model is available with both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.

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