Lincoln Corsair 2020.

Lincoln Corsair 2020..

Lincoln Corsair 2020.

The Lincoln Corsair 2020 is a worthy player in the premium crossover market.

The new Lincoln Corsair 2020 model year is a striking five-seater luxury crossover from the American brand, its presentation took place at the International Auto Show in New York in April.

The car is able to easily conquer both city traffic and difficult road sections. The novelty has received a decent design and excellent performance.


The car will appeal to drivers of all ages thanks to its stylish and solid exterior. On the front, many similarities can be found with other models of the brand.

The hood is almost flat, not tilted, which can cause some difficulties when driving for short drivers.

The honeycomb chrome-plated false radiator grille stands out noticeably, in the center of which the brand nameplate flaunts.

Stylish LED headlights are installed on either side of the grille. Narrow fog lights are installed directly under the head optics, slightly recessed into the body.

Lincoln Corsair 2020..

Fans of the brand are already accustomed to the fact that there are many decorations on the front of the cars, the new Lincoln Corsair does not look so bright against the background of the others, but at the same time it does not lose its solidity.

The front bumper, which is also slightly recessed into the body, has a chrome insert with an additional air intake. A plastic body kit is used to protect the body from gravel.

The profile of the car looks very stylish, in many ways the brand’s designers managed to achieve this thanks to the use of black gloss in the upper part.

The side mirrors are large enough, but it was decided to transfer the turn signals from their body to the front wheel arches.

From behind, the car body looks more aggressive. There is a massive window under the long visor of the tailgate, chrome stripes and brake lights on the door. Bottom slightly protruding body kit with foglights.

Lincoln Corsair 2020..


When you open the door, it immediately becomes clear that the high style that we see from the outside continues in the interior of the new luxury crossover.

For decoration, genuine leather, alcantara is used, there are numerous metal inserts.

A large touchscreen monitor of the multimedia system is installed in the center of the front panel, under it is an unusual console with numerous buttons and washers.

It is interesting that such a shield is attached to the panel with only one edge, but this solution allowed the designers to place numerous organizers on the dashboard.

For the driver and all his passengers, very comfortable seats are provided with numerous options and adjustments.

In addition to heating and ventilation, the more complete versions also have a massage function.

Lincoln Corsair 2020..


It is already known that the power line will only include gasoline engines, while the manufacturer refuses to use a diesel engine.

The base under the hood will be equipped with a 2-liter engine producing 250 hp. For a more expensive version, a 2.3-liter engine with a capacity of 280 hp is offered.

Only an 8-speed robot will be used as a transmission. Front-wheel drive base, all-wheel drive optional. More detailed characteristics of the model will be known closer to the start of sales.

Complete set

It can be immediately noted that the equipment of the new Lincoln Corsair is much wider than that of its co-platform Ford Escape.
In the database:

projection display;
multifunction steering wheel with touchpads;
virtual dashboard;
multimedia system with touchscreen and voice control function;
rear view camera, navigation;
wireless charging for smartphones;
panoramic roof with sunroof;
tailgate servo and much more.

The basic configuration is equipped with 9 airbags, there is a whole range of electronic assistants for the driver.

The new Lincoln Corsair uses the Co-Pilot 360 assistant, it is responsible for automatic control of the high beam, in case of detection of a pedestrian, it will stop the car.

A more advanced version of the assistant maintains the crossover speed in accordance with the current driving rules, provides assistance while reversing, and if necessary, automatic braking is activated.

Lincoln Corsair 2020..

Main competitors

In the line of crossovers of the American brand Lincoln Corsair is currently the junior model.

It uses numerous advanced equipment that provides maximum comfort and safety while driving for both the driver and all his passengers. The main competitors are Lexus NX, Volvo XC60, Acura RDX.

Sales in Russia

In Russia, official sales of Lincoln brand models are not carried out, therefore, Russians will be able to purchase such a model only by order through other countries.

It’s too early to talk about prices, but there are assumptions that the cost of the new Lincoln model will be more than 50 thousand dollars.

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