Lincoln Z 2022.

Lincoln Z 2022.

Lincoln Z 2022.

The new Lincoln Z sedan debuted on the market: it breaks all stereotypes about American brand models.

Speaking of Lincoln, everyone knows that it is a traditional American luxury brand that produces premium cars, far from the youth segment.

But the Lincoln Z 2022 model will break that stereotype.

The Lincoln Z has caught the attention of many car enthusiasts since its launch.

Its overall design inherits elements of the Zephyr (a concept car) and provides potential buyers with two styles: i-cool and i-enjoy.

The i-enjoy version uses a lot of chrome trim, which looks more refined.

And the i-cool version has extensive contrasting black trim and an aerodynamic design. It looks more sporty.

Lincoln Z 2022.

Compared to Lincoln’s current products, the biggest change to the front of the car is the headlight design: a fully LED headlamp group, a light bar and a luminous star-shaped logo are combined into one, demonstrating high tech.

When the owner holds the key within 3 meters of the car, the headlights greet him and the Lincoln star solemnly lights up.

The side has a traditional design with sliding doors.

Lincoln Z 2022.

At the same time, the car got hidden door handles, which increases its aerodynamic performance.

The dimensions of the Lincoln Z are 4982x1865x1485 mm and the wheelbase is 2930 mm.

Compared to competing models of luxury brands of the first echelon, it has certain advantages in dimensions.

The design of the rear and front parts of the car complement each other. The stern uses through-type lights with the official name Super red ultra-red light.

Lincoln Z 2022.

Once switched on, the turn signals show the effect of flowing water.

The letters «LINCOLN» in the rear of the car light up in sync.

Compared to the dramatically improved exterior, the Lincoln Z’s interior has also undergone a comprehensive update.

An extra-large 27K screen is the biggest highlight of the car’s interior.

Lincoln Z 2022.

Under the hood, the entire Lincoln Z series has a 2.0T engine with 181 kW (246 hp) and a maximum torque of 376 N*m as standard.

It is combined with the 8AT transmission. As for the suspension, the Lincoln Z uses a common combination of front MacPherson struts and rear multilevers.

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