Liux Animal 2024.

Liux Animal 2024.

Liux Animal 2024.

The Vegetarian Beast: Meet the Spanish plant-based Liux Animal shuteye break.

Spanish startup Liux wants to bring to the market in 2024 an electric all-rounder Animal (translated from English as «animal»), whose main feature is the extensive use of plant-based materials in its design.

Liux is a trademark of the company Natural Movement, which was founded last year by young Spanish entrepreneurs Antonio Espinosa and David Sancho.

Three black dots were chosen as the emblem. The company wants to produce environmentally friendly electric cars and relies not on fashionable nowadays recycled materials (recycled plastic, old fishing nets, used tires, etc.), although it will be in the design too, but mainly on materials supplied by Mother Nature.

Natural resins, plant fibers, wood, biopolymers, biocomposites and 3D printing — this is the brief recipe for the manufacture of the electric car Animal from the startup Liux.

It is assumed that Animal will consist of 90% grown and recycled materials, with the remaining 10% being steel and other «conventional» resources.

It is also stated that Animal will have about 25% fewer parts in its design than its counterparts, and Animal will require about 75% less energy to produce than a «conventional car».

Liux Animal 2024.

The Liux Animal is based on a skateboard platform with a replaceable modular battery in the floor.

The front suspension is of the McPherson type, the rear suspension is multi-link. A BorgWarner electric motor is mounted on the rear axle and rotates the rear wheels.

The power structure of the body is made of the organic analogue of carbon fiber, there are no center pillars, and the rear doors open against the main move.

Liux Animal 2024.

The door windows are frameless, the proportions of the Spanish electric car are quite dynamic, from the stern it slightly resembles the British Aston Martin DBX and the Chinese Avatr 11.

The developers of Liux Animal do not give overall dimensions, the Spanish media write that its length is 4.95 meters. The body type is a shunting break, that is a station wagon with a short stern. Curb weight should not exceed 1700 kg.

Liux Animal 2024.

Interior is 5-seater, trimmed with environmentally friendly materials. The front panel has no physical keys, and the entire center console is occupied by a large, irregularly shaped multimedia tablet.

The front seats have integral headrests and developed side support.

Liux Animal will be offered in two modifications — Habitat and Wild, which can be translated as «domesticated» and «wild» respectively.

Animal Habitat will cost from 39,000 euros, the maximum power of an electric motor here — 190 hp, the maximum speed — 180 km/h.

Liux Animal 2024.

For Animal Wild, the Spanish startup wants to charge from 45,000 euros, the «wild» version will have a sports suspension, more powerful brakes, special decor and a unique «beast mode» that gives maximum performance.

The peak power of the «wild» version is only 240 hp, acceleration to a «hundred» will take about 5 seconds, the maximum speed is 200 km/h.

The 800-volt Liux Animal battery consists of four removable modules packed in composite cases, but the minimum price of both versions includes only two modules, they will allow to drive 300 km on one charge in the WLTP cycle, and for two additional modules will need to pay extra 9000 euros and then the range will increase to 600 km.

To pre-book the Liux Animal, a deposit of 200 euros is required and the company promises to ship the first ready-made units to customers in the first quarter of 2024, while saying nothing yet about where and how the assembly will be organized.

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