Lynk & Co brand 2022-2025.

Lynk & Co brand 2022-2025.

Lynk & Co brand 2022-2025.

There will be one more car brand in Russia.

The Chinese car company Geely has announced the appearance in Russia of its premium brand Lynk & Co.

These cars — so far in a single quantity can be found in Europe. But now it is planned to enter the markets of Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand by 2025.

And most importantly, Russia. This is stated in the company’s English-language press release following the Smart Geely 2025 conference, where the broad plans of the parent brand and its divisions were announced.

In general, Geely has set very ambitious goals. The entire group plans to sell 3.65 million vehicles in 365 days by 2025.

Of them 600 thousand will come to foreign markets. Such indicators will allow the brainchild of businessman Li Shifu to enter the top 10 of the largest automakers in the world.

It should be noted that «RG» was the first to report on the future appearance of Lynk & Co in Russia.

In 2019, on the sidelines of the Shanghai Motor Show, Geely president An Qunghui told us about such plans.

«This is a brand created jointly by Geely and Volvo. Its positioning tends towards the premium segment.

Lynk & Co brand 2022-2025.

And so we have intentions to enter the European market, including Russia.

There is no clear timetable for Russia yet, but the Russian market is the most important one for us.

And so, most likely, in the near future we will announce our plan for the Russian market,» said An Qunghui.

It should be noted that in Europe you can already buy, as well as rent the Lynk & Co 01 hybrid crossover for a month.

Peculiar dealer centers of the brand — clubs — have opened in Amsterdam (Netherlands), Antwerp (Belgium), Gothenburg (Sweden), Berlin, Hamburg and Munich (Germany).

Lynk & Co brand 2022-2025.

In China, in addition to the 01, the model lineup includes hatchback 02, sedan 03 and crossovers 05, 06 and 09.

Geely begins sales of Lynk & Co. models.

The popular Chinese automaker Geely, which is represented in Russia by several crossovers, is going to expand its own model lineup.

It is reported that the expansion of the list of available vehicles will occur due to the arrival of the models of premium sub-brand of the company — Lynk & Co.

As you know, this car brand is young enough and was created by Geely specifically to produce stylish youth models.

Now Lynk & Co. cars can be found in single copies on European roads.

Lynk & Co brand 2022-2025.

But now it is known that the brand expands sales markets and will be officially sold in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Russia. This information was shared by the press center of Geely, revealing plans for development up to 2025.

We should say that the Geely press release turned out to be quite ambitious. According to the management of the Chinese auto giant, already by 2025 the company will sell around 3.65 million cars per year.

Lynk & Co brand 2022-2025.

And about 600 thousand cars will be sold outside of China. If the ideas of the developer are destined to come true, then in the next few years, the Geely corporation will be able to get into the top 10 largest automakers in the world.

At the moment, outside of China, the Lynk&Co 01 Hybrid Parkett is on sale and also offered as a rental option.

This model is available in the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Germany.

In the home market, the Lynk&Co brand sells crossovers with the index 01, 05, 06 and 09, as well as hatchback 02 and sedan 03.

What model will debut in Russia, the manufacturer has not yet told.

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