Lynk & Co The Next Day 2022.

Lynk & Co The Next Day 2022.

Lynk & Co The Next Day 2022.

Lynk & Co The Next Day 2022: the Chinese have presented a conceptual hybrid grand tourer.

Lynk & Co, a part of the Chinese concern Geely, has presented a concept car «The Next Day», the name of which can be translated as «the next day».

The show car is intended to demonstrate a new direction of design, which allegedly will be used for all future models of the brand.

Before us, a spectacular grand tourer with angular futuristic appearance. It has narrow LED-strip headlights and lights, large aerodynamic wheels and active rear spoiler.

The car has aggressive bumpers with large air intakes, and the front developers have also provided a movable panel, behind which the sensors and lidar are hidden.

The Next Day Concept has four doors. They open upward, and the rear flaps open even in the opposite direction of movement. The interior can accommodate up to four people.

Lynk & Co The Next Day 2022.

The front panel is simplified as much as possible. There are two displays, and one of them is built in a fancy steering wheel.

The car also has a full glass roof (if you want you can display an image on the ceiling).

Lynk & Co The Next Day 2022.

As the Lynk & Co brand specializes in production of hybrids, the show car received the appropriate power plant. The latter consists of a powerful internal combustion engine in the front and several electric motors on the rear axle.

According to the portal Car News China, the grand tourer can have a miniature battery, and a full battery with the ability to recharge from the network.

Lynk & Co The Next Day 2022.

In the latter case, there is a choice of three capacity options, providing mileage in electric mode to 60, 100 or 150 kilometers (on the cycle WLTP).

Unfortunately, there are no details about the performance of the power plant of the concept, but the developers point out that the car is supposedly able to accelerate from a place to a hundred «in less than 5.0 seconds».

Lynk & Co The Next Day 2022.

Anyway, Lynk & Co has no plans to launch The Next Day into production.

But in the near future, the Chinese want to show four new items that will receive solutions from this concept.

The first of them can be expected already in 2022, while the others — in the twenty-third year.


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