Mahindra Marazzo 2022.

Mahindra Marazzo 2022.

Mahindra Marazzo 2022.

Mahindra is supplying the Indian market with several interesting models.

These cars combine an affordable price, good and reliable engines, as well as an extensive list of onboard equipment.

These models include the Mahindra Marazzo minivan, which is available with 7- and 8-seater saloon.

For this model is requested a price equivalent to 1.3 million rubles at the current exchange rate.

The low cost of such a powerful and equipped car may conceal a poor and unreliable design.

But reviews of Mahindra Marazzo owners say otherwise.

I can say that it is a beast on the road. No car, I mean no car can beat this beast, leaving several cars of a similar type.

And Marazzo does it mockingly. It has all the comforts of home for everyone. And the best stability today at such a small price.

This is the best option if you need to travel in comfort.

Good leg room even in the 3rd row. No bumpy ride even with 7 passengers and one driver. good running costs and 5 stars for value for money.

Mahindra Marazzo 2022.

Best car ever purchased. It is very comfortable for long distance travel.

I love this car. Very roomy and comfortable, 3rd row is very spacious too.

The mileage is great, the long drive is awesome, great view.

There are many budget minivans in India today with a 3-row layout.

But all of the cars, according to owner reviews, are too compact.

Because of this, there is little space in their cabin to comfortably accommodate passengers. Mahindra Marazzo, judging by the comments, stands out against its competitors.

Mahindra Marazzo 2022.

The Indian minivan provides comfortable seating on all three rows of seats.

Drove 6,000 km. It is just great. The handling, comfort and spaciousness are very good.

The 3rd row seats can easily accommodate 3 average sized adults.

I love this car because this car is amazing in all things style, comfort, performance and looks.

The best car for families and long trips. I have the same variety of M6, but no maintenance yet.

Just changed my brake liner after 40k miles.

Mahindra Marazzo 2022.

The last comment is noteworthy because its author reports high reliability of Marazzo.

At the mileage of 40 thousand kilometers many modern cars need to replace some parts of the suspension and brake system.

I bought an ideal car for driving on city roads with easy overtaking, it has an ideal length for small roads.

The newly developed Marazzo car has an attractive headlight and automatic climate control. It is budget-friendly and easy to drive.

A very comfortable car in this segment, light and smooth on a long drive with good mileage, with a quiet cabin and the feeling of traveling on an airplane.

Mahindra Marazzo 2022.

As the comments show, the Marazzo provides a comfortable ride in a variety of conditions.

The car is quite maneuverable in the city and has good handling when driving long distances.

At the same time, the owners note that Marazzo has too low ground clearance (in particular, in comparison with Suzuki XL6).

There are also some comments about technical drawbacks.

The only disadvantage is the engine power and absence of sharp acceleration. But this argument can be neglected, because such a feature provides fuel economy.

High torque in 1st gear, and there will be turbo lag in 2nd gear, which will be a minor problem when driving downhill with 8 people.

All told, the Marazzo, while reasonably priced, offers everything most drivers hope to find in a modern minivan.

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