Manhart MHX3 600 2022.

Manhart MHX3 600 2022.

Manhart MHX3 600 2022.

The Manhart tuning studio has presented a new package for the BMW X3 M.

Not long ago, BMW unveiled its X3 M. This is a very important update this year.

In it the manufacturer paid quite a lot of attention to the visual transformation of the crossover to make it even more attractive from an aesthetic point of view.

However, it is necessary to remember the technical part of the German model.

If a potential buyer will not have enough 503 horsepower and 650 N*m of torque, they already have a special offer from Manhart.

Thus, the company Manhart introduced a brand new MHX3 600 based on the current BMW X3 M Competition before the facelift.

German tuners gave the car more appealing, and also improved its interior and technical characteristics.

BMW has already upgraded the X3 M and X4 M without increasing its power.

However, for those who want more output than the 503 hp Competition, there’s always Manhart.

Manhart MHX3 600 2022.

Their new MHX3 600 is based on the X3 M and offers more performance and a number of visual upgrades.

The model pictured is called Limited 01/10, which means the bureau is going to produce nine more examples of this special series.

The twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine has been tuned to produce 626 hp and 785 Nm of torque.

The 123 hp and 135 hp increase over the standard X3 M Competition is made possible by the MHtronic auxiliary control unit.

Manhart MHX3 600 2022.

The performance-oriented SUV also gets a stainless steel exhaust system with a control valve and quad exhaust pipes.

And for export, the tuner has provided spigots with HJS catalytic converters.

The MHX3 600 Limited 01/10 SUV is based on the updated X3 M.

Manhart MHX3 600 2022.

Its body is decorated with a matte dark blue film with gray Manhart stickers.

The look is completed by carbon fiber trim: the splitter, air intakes, side flaps, mirror housings and rear diffuser.

The tuner also used carbon fiber for the interior, and all the BMW logos inside the SUV have been replaced by the tuner’s emblem.

Manhart MHX3 600 2022.

The car is equipped with 22-inch Alpina light-alloy wheels with high-performance tires.

The suspension has been upgraded with H&R springs, lowering the car by 30 mm to improve handling.

It all costs 118,900 euros (just over 9.73 million rubles).

For comparison, the standard X3 M is priced at least $69,900, although Manhart’s tuned car is based on the more expensive X3 M Competition.

Finally, the same tuning is available for the more sporty X4 M Competition.

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