Mazda CX-8 2020

Mazda CX-8 2020.

Mazda CX-8 2020

Mazda CX-8 2020 — update of the flagship crossover of the Japanese brand
In 2018, Mazda introduced the CX-8, as an alternative to the huge CX-9, which is mainly exported.

The G8 is just as roomy and comes with a 6-seater saloon. The start was quite successful, so Mazda hastily roll out a new restyling of 2020 in a year and a half.
It is stated that cosmetic changes are minor and more emphasis has been placed on efficiency, maneuverability and even greater convenience.

Mazda CX-8 2020.


Under the hood, there is still the same engine. Mazda continues to offer 2.2-liter high-speed turbodiesel. Power brought to 190 hp at 450 Hm. But unlike the predecessor, which was offered with only one engine, this time the engineers designed two more gasoline variants for 2 and 2.5-liter, the dynamic characteristics of which have not yet been reported.

For the transmission, there will also be no choice. As before, the set includes a 6-speed automatic. But, as test drives show, in contrast to the previous version of the control over the car, it became more, the dynamics and handling in corners improved.

On the drive, everything is corny — only the front is cheap, for the full — expensive. In terms of consumption, one cannot say whether the CX-8 consumes a lot or a little. The SUV weighs almost two tons, while the consumption per hundred is only 6.3 liters of diesel fuel.

The platform, by the way, has not changed either. The pendant is offered with two MacPhersons in front and a multi-link in the back. Brakes, as before, disc, but the front got ventilation. In addition, a computer was hung on the front axle for the competent distribution of effort in turns.

The list of airborne equipment will depend on the configuration.

In the maximum equipment the Japanese will be offered:

LED optics
multimedia with an 8-inch screen,
full power accessories
three-zone climate
start from the button,
rain sensors
parking sensors,
front and side pillows,
electric trunk,
heated steering wheel and seats.

In addition, you can find an advanced security system, a radar cruise and a 360-degree view.

Mazda CX-8 2020.


As befits restyling on the previous platform, no major changes in appearance can be expected. The new CX-8 is actually hard to distinguish from its predecessor.

Front Mazda engineers added a small damper, which is designed to reduce pedestrian injuries in road accidents, and there is also a slightly edited architecture of the bottom of the bumper and chrome grille. On the side there is a sharper angle of the hood. Nothing has changed behind. But on the roof is now available a large panoramic sunroof.

In general, Mazda has always succeeded in design more than in technology. SUV praised a lot of praise. The only thing, many would like to see larger wheels, the benefit of massive arches allow this. So far, the CX-8 is offered with 19-inch alloy wheels.

Mazda CX-8 2020.


The cabin offers 3 rows, all double. In front, as usual, two separated armchairs, in the back there is a double sofa with separate backs and a reclining armrest. The gallery is just a modest double sofa. The latter, by the way, develops to increase the luggage compartment.

Restyling endowed the already rich CX-8 filling with USB ports on door cards for recharging gadgets and an electric drive for adjusting the second row. Also now all the seats have heating and ventilation functions (previously it was available only for the driver and front passenger).

Otherwise, the architecture of the front end has not changed at all, except now not a 7-inch screen, but 8. The finish is represented by genuine Nappa leather, imitation leather in places and wooden lining. The latter are well inscribed and are not very striking.

Mazda CX-8 2020.


Like last time, the Mazda CX-8 2020 was put on a par with:
Grand Santa Fe from Hyundai,
Land Cruiser Prado from Toyota,
Sorento Prime from Kia.

Price and sales start date

The price in Russia for the basic configuration would be 1.88 million, for the maximum 2.47 million rubles.
But, as already mentioned, the crossover will be offered on the home market so far and whether it will ever be exported is ever unknown.

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