McLaren P1 HDK.

McLaren P1 HDK.

McLaren P1 HDK.

McLaren P1 HDK: a unique super hybrid from Lanzante.

At The Quail, Motorsport Gathering, the unique McLaren P1 HDK superhybrid premiered, the abbreviation of which stands for High Downforce Kit, a reference to the rare F1 HDK.

Recall that the McLaren F1 HDK was released in only two copies.

These LM-spec supercars get aggressive F1 GTR-style body kits and a more powerful engine.

McLaren P1 HDK.

The McLaren P1 HDK is built according to the same scheme, and it was developed by the British studio Lanzante together with its longtime partner — the Californian dealer O’Gara Coach.

By the way, this is the second such hypercar, and the current two-door is designed for Tom O’Gara, the owner of McLaren dealerships in Beverly Hills and San Diego.

McLaren P1 HDK.

Taking the road McLaren P1 as a basis, the tuners changed the appearance of the coupe, making it similar to their other project — the long-tail track McLaren P1 GT.

In particular, the novelty has a similar aero kit, consisting of an enlarged splitter, new front fenders with ventilation slots, a massive fixed wing and an equally impressive rear diffuser.

The presented Malaren P1 HDK is also notable for its green body paint and open stern, which is designed to contribute to more efficient heat dissipation from the engine.

McLaren P1 HDK.

The two-door interior is trimmed in brown Alcantara and boasts 24-carat gold emblems.

By the way, the latter are made here by the method of electroplating.

There is no information about the technical stuffing of the superhybrid.

From the factory, the model relies on a 3.8-liter gasoline V8 with two turbines and a 200-horsepower electric motor.

McLaren P1 HDK.

The total output of such an installation reaches 916 hp. and 900 Nm, but Lanzante specialists could well increase its performance to 1,000 forces and 1,050 Nm of torque.

A new exhaust system made of titanium and heat-resistant Inconel, for example, could contribute to this.

The cost of a unique two-door and its price, again, remain unknown.

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