McLaren Saber 2021.

McLaren Sabre 2021.

McLaren Saber 2021.

McLaren’s limited hypercar will be named Saber.
The limited edition car, previously codenamed Bespoke Commission BC-03, will receive its own name in the series, the McLaren Saber («saber»).

This name turned out to be registered in the US Patent and Trademark Office of the USPTO, although the record, of course, does not indicate any connection with BC-03.

Unofficial information says that this hypercar will be based on the platform from the Senna coupe (V8 4.0, 800 hp, 800 N • m) and that it has more than a thousand «horses» under the hood.

Some sources refer to the 1150 hp as the virtual McLaren Ultimate. But the Saber does not foresee any hybrid drive, while the Ultimate was conceived as gasoline-electric.

McLaren Sabre 2021.

According to the latest information, the BC-03 will be produced in only 15 copies. Earlier it was said about five in general, but now this bar has been raised.

All 15 cars will be sold in the US to McLaren’s most loyal customers. Autoblog reports that almost all of these coupes have already been sold out, there are several unreserved samples. Insiders predict advanced technologies for the novelty, without going into details, and a new type of carbon fiber.

The price of the coupe is about three million dollars (208 million rubles), which is about one and a half times higher than the British ask for another small-run McLaren — the Elva barquette.

Probably even greater rarity BC-03 can justify such a price.

McLaren Sabre 2021.

The first launch of a new car as part of this ambitious strategy is the McLaren Speedtail Hyper-GT. Ultimately, McLaren has promised a successor to the powerful McLaren P1 hybrid hypercar. How realistic is it to fulfill the plan?

Are your plans changing?

Unfortunately, massive cuts in McLaren’s workforce could delay new model launches. McLaren has already confirmed that the upcoming hybrid sports series, which will replace the McLaren 570S, has been delayed until 2021.

However, a new trademark filing filed by the automaker could reveal the name of a new hardcore racing car.

As revealed on the Cybertruck Talk, McLaren has registered the McLaren Saber trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office under the heading «sports cars and their design.»

McLaren Sabre 2021.

The car of the future

Named for the curved sword, the McLaren Saber is arguably a hardcore track weapon with extreme aerodynamics and a future production version of the McLaren Vision Gran Turismo Concept.

McLaren’s top-secret tracked vehicle, codenamed BC-03, is essentially an even more extreme version of the McLaren Senna.

Its aerodynamic design is heavily inspired by the McLaren Vision GT race car that was created for Gran Turismo Sport.

McLaren Sabre 2021.

The leaks revealed that the striking design provides a large rear wing, race car-style shark fins, a prominent rear diffuser and headlights inspired by the McLaren 720S design.

Power is reported to come from a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 and an electric motor with a total output of around 1,100 horsepower, making it McLaren’s most powerful road car.

Production will be limited to just 15 units. Each car is estimated to cost between $ 3.5 million and $ 4 million (about 280 million rubles).

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