McLaren Solus GT 2023.

McLaren Solus GT 2023.

McLaren Solus GT 2023.

The British have unveiled the McLaren Solus GT single-seater hypercar: an outgrowth of the Gran Turismo game.

McLaren has unveiled the single-seat hypercar Solus GT, which was originally created for the virtual game Gran Turismo, but then the British really decided to bring it to life.

According to CEO Michael Leiters, the car was developed relying on computational fluid dynamics techniques, which combined with traditional wind tunnel testing allowed for outstanding aerodynamic performance.

The new car boasts a sliding skylight which provides access to the cockpit.

It also has a massive front splitter and an equally large rear diffuser.

Its wheels are hidden by aerodynamic fairings. It is also impossible not to mention the presence of a two-section antifender.

It is reported that in total the components of the hull generate about 1,200 kg of downforce.

McLaren Solus GT 2023.

The McLaren Solus GT 2023 has air intakes above the cabin and on the sides.

They provide effective cooling of the model’s power plant.

As for the interior, the interior is distinguished by an ascetic design.

The seat installed here is fixed fixed — it is selected individually for each client.

But the pedal and steering wheel are adjustable, and the last one reminds a steering wheel of a Formula 1 race car.

McLaren Solus GT 2023.

Developers have integrated a digital dashboard and control elements into the «steering wheel».

There is a protective halo above the head of the pilot, on which the screen-mirror is fixed.

Note that buyers will be able to take advantage of the program McLaren Special Operations and personalize the appearance and cabin of the car specifically for yourself.

The Solus GT hypercar has carbon fiber body panels and monocoque. It is equipped with a 5.2-liter atmospheric V10 engine, which was designed specifically for this model.

McLaren Solus GT 2023.

The output of the unit reaches 840 hp and 650 Nm. It can accelerate up to 10,000 rpm.

Seven-speed sequential gearbox with magnesium and titanium components works together with the engine.

By the way, some parts of the adjustable suspension are made of the same materials, and the clutch of the car is made of carbon fiber.

The car is set on 18-inch wheels, and the set includes tires for both dry and wet weather.

McLaren Solus GT 2023.

Carbon-ceramic mechanisms are responsible for braking, which can be adjusted right from the salon.

Circulation of the hypercar is not advertised, but all copies are already sold out.

How much does such a car costs — again, is not specified. We know, that together with cars future owners will receive a set of accessories, including racing overalls, helmet and headphones for radio communication.

Buyers can also take part in branded training program, where professional instructors will tell them about all the nuances of driving.


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