Mercedes-AMG C63 W205.

Mercedes-AMG C63 W205.

Mercedes-AMG C63 W205.

Manhart CR 700 Wagon: the German workshop said goodbye to the Mercedes-AMG C63.

Tuners from Manhart have presented a seriously modified version of the «charged» Mercedes-AMG C63 (W205) wagon under the name «Manhart CR 700 Wagon».

This way the studio decided to say goodbye to the current model, which with the change of generation expects big changes, namely refusal of V8 in favor of a hybrid unit on the basis of a four-cylinder motor.

Manhart CR 700 Wagon has traditional for the German studio exterior design: the car has a black body with numerous golden accents around the circumference.

Mercedes-AMG C63 W205.

The modified station wagon is also notable for its blacked out grille and fitted with 20-inch «Concave One» alloy wheels.

The last ones here are used 255/30 and 275/30 in front and rear tires, respectively.

In the photo the interior of the modification is standard, but the company is ready to consider all the wishes of customers.

For example, you can order a carbon fiber décor or decorated ceiling in the form of a starry sky in the workshop.

Mercedes-AMG C63 W205.

As for the technology, tuners finalized the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8.

The trucks get 510 hp and 700 Nm from the factory, but on the CR 700 it is increased to 712 hp and 920 Nm of torque.

For this purpose the workshop modified the turbines, installed a carbon intake and a new intercooler.

In addition, tuners used proprietary MHtronik Powerbox module.

Mercedes-AMG C63 W205.

Such a significant increase in power positively affected the dynamics of the C63 Estate, which is now able to accelerate from 100 to 200 km / h in an impressive 5.5 seconds.

Note that in the modification from Manhart the engine works with reconfigured nine-speed automatic AMG Speedshift.

The car is equipped by default with sports downpipes (for an extra fee and racing downpipes are available) and has lowered suspension with springs from H&R.

Mercedes-AMG C63 W205.

The total cost of the modification is not disclosed, but the price of its individual components can be found through the official website of the workshop.

So, for the module MHtronik Powerbox tuners are asking €2,299 (190,000 rubles at current exchange rates), while the complex program of improving the engine costs €17,999 (1.5 million rubles).

The price tag for the aforementioned wheels is €2,796 (230,000 rubles), and for the exhaust system — €8,099 (670,000 rubles).

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