Mercedes-AMG GT S from Darwinpro.

Mercedes-AMG GT S from Darwinpro.

Mercedes-AMG GT S from Darwinpro.

At the moment, a unique example of the Mercedes-AMG GT S from Darwinpro coupe for Russia is on sale at

This is a two-door model of 2015 release, which at the same time has been finalized by American tuners from the workshop Darwinpro.

The modification has different bumpers, a black grille with the same Mercedes logo, a front splitter, side «skirts» and a rear diffuser.

Plus, it can be easily recognized by the relief hood with a glass section above the engine and a high antifender at the rear.

Other features of the modified vehicle include the presence of front optics from the updated version of the model, sales of which began in the nineteenth year.

There is not much information about the interior, but the speedometer here is also installed from the restyled coupe version.

In terms of technology American tuners boosted put two-door 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, so it now develops 650 hp. (+ 140).

Mercedes-AMG GT S from Darwinpro.

Mileage of the supercar is 25,000 km and it was in an accident: some time ago a forklift drove into the parked two-door.

It is reported that during the repair process the car had to have the rear bumper, trunk and left lamp replaced.

Overall, the car in photos looks almost new, and the seller is ready to part with it for 14.0 million rubles.

Mercedes-AMG GT S from Darwinpro.

The car was modified by an American workshop Darwinpro, which added a lot of custom elements.

The seller claims there are no analogues of this coupe in Russia today: this probably accounts for the price of 14 million rubles for the pre-styled version.

For comparison, the new AMG GT in the four-door version costs about the same amount in the top configuration.

Mercedes-AMG GT S from Darwinpro.

Among the differences of the coupe for sale are a raised hood with a «window» above the engine, side skirts, different bumpers, a splitter, a diffuser, as well as a giant rear wing, a black grille with a three-beam star and a few extra slots.

In addition, the 2015 AMG GT S is equipped with a speedometer from the updated coupe, which went on sale in 2019.

From him the car «transplanted» the front optics. The petrol four-liter biturbo V8 engine here develops about 650 horsepower, which exceeds the power of the original sports car by 140 powers.

Mercedes-AMG GT S from Darwinpro.

However, there is a disadvantage. The seller notes that the sports car was in an accident: when the car was on the road a forklift hit it from behind. As a result the trunk, bumper and left lamp had to be replaced.

Order intake for the Mercedes-AMG coupe and roadster closed last fall.

The models finally retired in December, but production of the model in the liftback body continues.

Today its recommended retail price in Russia ranges from 8,990,000 to 14,030,000 rubles.

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