Mercedes-Benz T-Class 2022.

Mercedes-Benz T-Class 2022.

Mercedes-Benz T-Class 2022.

The Mercedes-Benz Concept EQT is the forerunner of the new T-Class family of models.

In May twenty-first, the Germans unveiled the electric Mercedes-Benz Concept EQT, which is not just a show car, but a harbinger of a new T-family.

It is interesting that the range of the latter will be divided like that of the older Vito / V-Class family and will consist of several models at once.

Cargo vans and simpler passenger versions will retain the «Citan» name, while richer passenger cars will be called the T-Class.

As before, the new German «heels» will be the closest relatives of Renault Kangoo, but of a new (third in a row) generation.

Interestingly, Daimler specialists were directly involved in the creation of the French model, and with their submission, the latter became noticeably richer.

Mercedes-Benz T-Class 2022.

As for the upcoming T-class, the family’s cars should become one step higher, which means that the term «premium» will be quite applicable to them.

Externally presented Mercedes EQT Concept is just the same in many ways resembles the new Kangoo.

The prototype has a similar body shape, similar side glazing and the same taillights, although the latter’s central bulkhead is still original.

At the same time, the «face» of the German «heel» is already Mercedes — with narrow LED-headlights and a corporate logo, under which the developers hid the port for charging the battery.

Mercedes-Benz T-Class 2022.

The concept also features recessed door handles, a panoramic roof and large 21-inch wheels, but upcoming production cars probably won’t get all of that.

The interior of the prototype has three rows of seats, although there is no such performance in the Kangu lineup.

As in the case of the French model, three child seats can be installed on the second row of the EQT, but there are only two Isofix mountings.

There are separate chairs in the gallery, which can be folded or dismantled if necessary.

Mercedes-Benz T-Class 2022.

The interior of the prototype has white nappa leather seats and an electric longboard in the trunk.

The architecture of the front panel is its own, although in terms of the location of the components, everything is like in Renault.

The concept got an analog tidy and a modest by modern standards display of the MBUX multimedia system with support for voice commands.

Plus, the «German» is equipped with a branded Mercedes steering wheel with touch-sensitive buttons on the spokes.

The length of the Mercedes Concept EQT reaches 4,945 mm, its width is 1,863, and the height is 1,826.

Mercedes-Benz T-Class 2022.

There is no information about the power plant yet, but the production cars of the upcoming family can be ordered with both internal combustion engines and electric motors.

By the way, the light battery version of the model will be called «EQT».

Until the end of 2021, the company promises to present only the new Mercedes-Benz Citan, while the appearance of the passenger T-class is scheduled for the twenty-second, and first models with internal combustion engines will appear on the market, and only then a full-fledged EQT electric car.

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