Mercedes CLA 2021.

Mercedes CLA 2021.

Mercedes CLA 2021.

Mercedes CLA 2021: stylish and status sedan.
Every year the demand for coupe-like sedans only increases. This is due to the fact that such cars look quite stylish and solid, which makes them very popular with young drivers who want to stand out on the road.

One of the main manufacturers of such vehicles is Mercedes. Recently, the Germans showed a restyling for the most budget version of this class — Mercedes CLA 2021.

The car received an even more attractive appearance, in which there is a bunch of branded parts of the brand, a good interior with advanced multimedia, as well as slightly improved characteristics, thanks to which driving at any distance brings only positive emotions.


All cars of the CL series of the German brand have a very formidable and solid appearance. This also applies to the junior representative.

Mercedes CLA 2021.

The new body will receive even more aggressive air intake systems, slightly altered optics, more relief, both stepped and wavy, all kinds of inserts that differ in color from the main one, as well as other interesting details, thanks to which the car will definitely attract attention from other road users. movement.

As you can see in the photo, the front of the car retained its average dimensions, but began to be located at a slightly larger slope, which positively affects both visibility from the driver’s seat and aerodynamics.

Everything interesting starts here with the bonnet, which boasts wavy height transitions, as well as several slightly bulging lines running along the lid.

The main part of the bumper will receive an almost oval air intake here, which will be slightly recessed into the body. It is decorated with a very fine black mesh, as well as a thin horizontal line in the center, which, like the large Mercedes brand badge, is painted in chrome.

The head optics, which are almost triangular in shape and filled with both xenon and LED lights, add even more aggression to the look of the car, depending on the vehicle configuration.

Also, decor and useful elements are present on the bumper body kit. Here you can find several additional air intakes, separated from each other by thin lines of the body, various reliefs, a plate for mounting a license plate, as well as a thin strip at the very end, painted in the color of the customer’s choice.

Mercedes CLA 2021.

The car also looks stylish on the sides. The steeply sloping roof draws the most attention here. Directly below it, you can observe a semicircle from the windows, which will always be framed and divided into parts by very thin lines painted in black gloss.

The same color will go to the neat rear-view mirrors, which can also boast of turning signals installed even in the basic modification.

Further, the body is distinguished by an abundance of undulating relief, strongly protruding wheel arches, sporty-looking sills and discs, which have a bright design and color.

The rear of the car also has an aggressive look. It begins here with a strongly sloping roof, which also includes a window, and then goes into a short tailgate, decorated with a wave-like light relief.

Further, you can observe very formidable overall optics of an interesting shape, a few height transitions and chrome nameplates.

There is a lot of space allocated here for a body kit, slightly protruding outward. It boasts small side cutouts to improve cooling of the brakes, fog lights, a license plate recess, a black diffuser, a pair of large exhaust pipes and a decorative strip in the color of the buyer.

Mercedes CLA 2021.


Inside, the new Mercedes CLA 2021 model year will be made in the corporate style of the German brand. Here everything will be finished with materials such as fabrics, genuine leather, metals, various types of plastic, as well as Alcantara.

You can always find in the car an excellent multimedia system with countless options and assistants, thanks to which any trip will bring extremely positive emotions.

The dashboard of the car looks very solid and impressive. The main element here is the branded multimedia display, which is divided into two parts.

Below it, on the console, you can see three rather large round deflectors, a start button for the engine and a panel that includes several analog buttons that allow you to activate various driving assistants.

The transition from the torpedo to the tunnel is organized with the help of a small depression for storing things, which is covered with a curtain.

Further, the tunnel received a technical panel, cup holders and a large armrest, inside which there is another compartment for storing things, only with the function of cooling the contents.

A high level of comfort is provided here by the seats that allow four people to sit without problems. The fifth passenger will already be cramped in the second row.

Each chair will get genuine leather trim, a heating system, side support, electric position adjustments, adjustable headrests and other useful options, the list of which depends on the configuration.

Mercedes CLA 2021.


At first, the Mercedes CLA 2021 will be equipped with only one power unit.

It will be a two-liter gasoline engine, the output of which is at around 224 horsepower.

As the test drive shows, this is enough for driving at any distance. A couple of the engine will be a seven-speed automatic. More powerful options will appear later, as well as diesel engines.

Options and prices

The price of the car starts at 2.4 million rubles.


The car will compete with BMW 4 Series and Audi A5.

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