Mercedes EQS 2022.

Mercedes EQS 2022.

Mercedes EQS 2022.

Mercedes EQS 2022. The German company has officially introduced to the public the production version of the electric liftback Mercedes EQS 2022 model year, which in Europe has long been called the most anticipated novelty on the electric car market.

The first prototype of this model, capable of driving on highways, was demonstrated back in 2019, and during the fine-tuning of the car almost all of its technical nuances were revealed.

In fact, the appearance of this car, which, by the way, will turn out to be a 5-meter liftback with a saloon that is not inferior in size to the modern S-class, has been finally revealed.

Overview of the flagship electric car

Mercedes EQS 2022 is a completely new car developed from scratch on the latest Modular Electric Architecture platform.

The German liftback will be the firstborn of this modular «bogie», which means it demonstrates the minimum technological level that future flagship electric crossovers will offer.

The peculiarity of the platform is traction batteries built into its supporting structure, which due to the large wheelbase are quite thin.

The electric system itself is not the most powerful on the market — 400-volt, but at the start of sales customers will be offered rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive models with two batteries to choose from.

Mercedes EQS 2022.


The Germans revealed the main «chip» of this electric car a few months ago.

It will be quite widely advertised panel MBUX Hyperscreen, representing three connected displays, occupying almost the entire width of the front panel.

Interestingly, in the absence of the front passenger right display will display a neutral splash screen, as if the screen in this place is simply not there.

This entire advanced touchscreen system is controlled by a 24 GB RAM, but Mercedes has already stressed that such a system will not be present in the front fascia.

Mercedes has already emphasized that such design of the front console will be optional.

Mercedes EQS 2022.

In the «base» the electric car will receive a version of the panel from an actual S-class with a digital «dashboard» and a vertical 12.8″ multimedia tablet.

Technical specifications and contents

The first modifications of the Mercedes EQS 2022 model year will be the following versions:

The rear-wheel-drive EQS 450+ with a 333-hp electric motor. (568 Nm) and a battery of 90 or 107.8 kW∙h;

All-wheel-drive EQS 580 4Matic with two electric engines with a total output of 524 hp (855 N (855 Nm) and with the same choice of two traction batteries.

The manufacturer also plans to quickly prepare an AMG version of the electric hatchback, which may be in addition to some bodykit will get more powerful propulsion system (preliminary — 630 hp).

Mercedes EQS 2022.

Cruising range

The developers have yet given only the maximum range using the most powerful battery — 770 km. (cycle WLTP).

In fact, the figures are likely to be different, but Mercedes plans to beat all possible competitors, including Tesla Model S and Lucid Air, in terms of autonomous driving range.

Mercedes EQS 2022.

When will it be released in Russia?

The presentation of the Mercedes EQS 2022 model year is scheduled for April 15, 2021, the start of assembly of cars in Sindelfingen, Germany — for the summer, and the first sales of the new electric liftback in Europe — for the next August.

It is expected that such cars will also appear in the Russian showrooms of the German concern, where, according to rumors, will be sold significantly more expensive than the «psychological» mark of $100 thousand.

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