Mercedes EQV 2020-2021.

Mercedes EQV 2020-2021.

Mercedes EQV 2020-2021.

Mercedes EQV 2020 is the new Mercedes electric minivan.
The line of electric cars of the Mercedes company has been replenished with a new electric van Mercedes-Benz EQV 2020-2021.

The model is based on the usual V-Class and at the same time is the serial embodiment of the concept of the same name, shown at the Geneva Motor Show in March this year.

So far, the novelty is presented only on the network, but a full-fledged presentation, which will take place in September in Frankfurt, is not far off.

Sales of the Mercedes EQV 2020 will start early next year at a price of approximately 70 thousand euros (about 5 million rubles). That’s nearly double the cost of a standard V-Class with an initial diesel engine.

Mercedes EQV 2020-2021.

The assembly of electric monocabs will be set up at a plant in Vitoria, Spain. The launch of the novelty on the market will make it possible to take another step towards the formation of the range of electric vehicles of the EQ sub-brand, which is familiar to us, first of all, from the battery-powered crossover Mercedes EQC, which debuted in September last year.

According to Daimler AG’s plans, by 2025, the number of eco-models with the EQ abbreviation in the name should reach ten.

Exterior design and interior

Outside, the electric minivan, which largely copies its ICE counterparts, is distinguished by a number of original parts. Thus, the car is equipped with a specific radiator grille with thin chrome strips and a striking contour bezel, exclusive 18-inch wheels, a charger connector on the left side of the front bumper, characteristic EQV nameplates on the fenders and tailgate.

The interior of the new Mercedes is trimmed with Midnight Blue leather, and the seams and edging of the button blocks on the console are made in a warm color «rose gold».

Mercedes EQV 2020-2021.

The role of the main media center is assigned to the MBUX system, which has a 10-inch touchscreen display, built-in navigation, the function of recognizing voice commands in natural language, a lot of useful applications and services.

There is also a special screen for displaying the operating parameters of the electrical installation — it displays the current battery charge level, a graph of energy consumption, and the projected power reserve.

The new Mercedes EQV will be sold in two exterior dimensions. The compact version has a length of 5140 mm and a wheelbase of 3200 mm, the larger version is 5370 mm long and a base of 3430 mm.

Seating configuration and seat orientation depend on equipment. Along with the six-seat layout, versions are available that can accommodate seven or eight passengers. The maximum boot volume of the model reaches 1030 liters.

Mercedes EQV 2020-2021.

Specifications Mercedes EQV 2020-2021

The power plant of the new Mercedes EQV consists of the following components: an electric motor with a capacity of 204 hp. (362 Nm), a reduction gear with a fixed gear ratio, a cooling unit and control electronics.

All this is combined into one module that supplies traction to the front axle. Power is supplied from a lithium-ion battery with a useful capacity of 90 kWh.

Mercedes EQV 2020-2021.

It is installed under the floor in such a way as to maintain the configuration and spaciousness of the cabin. In the mode of maximum energy saving and the highest level of recuperation, a 3.5-ton van can travel about 405 km without recharging. The maximum speed of the car is declared at 160 km / h.

The battery of an electric car can be charged from a household outlet, a Wallbox (power up to 11 kW) and a special DC terminal (110 kW).

In the first two cases, it will take at least ten hours to fully restore the capacity. The fast station and CCS connector will charge the traction battery from 10 to 80% in about 45 minutes.

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