Mercedes GLA 2021.

Mercedes GLA 2021.

Mercedes GLA 2021.

Mercedes GLA 2021: a new generation of the prestigious crossover in front-wheel and all-wheel drive configuration.

In the new generation, the smallest German crossover Mercedes GLA 2021 is distinguished by altered dimensions, a comfortable interior and dynamic traction characteristics of the branded engine range, impressive quality of decoration.

The new model in front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive configuration primarily meets the needs of the youth driver category, as well as older users will find a lot of useful and interesting in the vehicle’s design.

Mercedes GLA 2021.


Visually, the novelty of the model range with standard equipment differs from its predecessor in the modified radiator grille configuration, black decorative inserts on the thresholds and wheel arches. In the photos and videos, the Mercedes GLA 2021 looks the most solid and prestigious in the full-face projection. In sight:

flat angle of inclination of a widescreen windshield;
raised sidewalls and longitudinal reliefs of the hood falling to the front of the hood;
bearing a winged company logo company radiator grille;
wedge-shaped blocks of xenon or LED optics equipped with bright booms of DRL.

In the design of the lower part of the front, attention is concentrated on the wide silver frame of the mesh air intake and the vertical layout of the side diffusers.

In the profile projection, the new body offers for review the traditional features of the crossover layout style. In design features:

flat roof extended by a spoiler peak;
side glazing framed by glossy black plastic;
stylish rectangular mirrors and recessed door handles.

Details of the body relief, rounded corners of square wheel arches and an exclusive design of signature titanium wheels organically fit into the general surroundings.

The composition is completed by the plastic cladding of the lower hull perimeter, traditional for off-road vehicles.

The back side of the surviving deep restyled crossover is characterized by classic structural and design solutions. First of all, this is the increased area of ​​the tilted window, a compact massive tailgate and modern graphics connected by a decorative trim for the rear optics.

The standard configuration of the wide bumper includes a pair of vertical diffusers and a plastic body kit with rectangular exhaust pipes integrated into the sidewalls.

Mercedes GLA 2021..


Except for a few details, the style of the welcoming interior is copied from the A-class prototype. The design of the front panel is strictly functional. First of all, it is:

highly informative instrument panel with dials and a color computer monitor;
a media tablet supplemented by command functionality;
a set of round ventilation vents and a panel with buttons for activating standard technical and comfort-creating options.

In the top-end modification, a virtual dashboard operating in several modes and the replacement of most of the analog switches, including on the front plane of the sports multifunction steering wheel, are promised with touch counterparts.

According to experts, the Mercedes GLA 2021 is not inferior to classmates at a higher price level in terms of quantity and functionality of on-board electronics. The list of useful options: safe driving and parking systems, multi-mode interior lighting, excellent characteristics of the multimedia complex.

The transmission selector is moved out into the steering column space, so there is a roomy glove box and a refrigerator in the central tunnel. The road service is complemented by a pair of cup holders, a set of organizers and a soft, comfortable armrest.

The front seats will delight the driver and side passenger with a comfortable fit, the presence of lateral support, several operational adjustments, seat heating and ventilation circuits. A new body provides for riders of a rear three-seater sofa:

a large amount of personal space;
excellent view from the side windows;
the ability to change the backrest;
heated and comfortable folding armrest.

In the standard layout, the luggage compartment of the crossover can accept cargo up to 420 liters. After a partial transformation of the rear seats, the indicator increases to 836 liters.

Mercedes GLA 2021...


In the new look, the length of the Mercedes of the GLA series of the 2021 model was increased to 4417 mm, the width and height, respectively, to 1804 and 1494 mm. The interaxle base of 2699 mm remained unchanged, the front-wheel chassis clearance is 157 mm, the models with all-wheel drive of the chassis are 187 mm.

Road comfort is enhanced by the combination of MacPherson strut and multi-link independent suspension with long-stroke shock absorbers and advanced electronic navigation assistants.

The basic model will retain the positively proven tandem of the turbocharged 1.6-liter “four” with an output of 156 hp / 245 Nm of peak traction and a 6-speed manual transmission.

As a power unit for the top-end modification, a gas-engine drive with parameters of 2 l / 211 hp is declared. and 349 Nm, which comes with the 7G-DCT preselective 7-band robot. Acceleration dynamics of 6.5 seconds, top speed — 235 km / h.
A test drive showed fuel consumption at a kilometer distance of 8.2 liters.

Mercedes GLA 2021...

Options and prices

In domestic car dealerships, the new Mercedes GLA 2021 of the model year will be offered in three main versions, depending on the level of equipment, the price will vary from 2 to 2.5 million rubles.

Competing Models

The list of real rivals is almost complete. In the top positions are the same models of leading automotive brands: Volvo V40 Cross Country, Audi Q2, Mini Countryman and Buick Encore.

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