Mercedes GLC Coupe 2021.

Mercedes GLC Coupe 2021.

Mercedes GLC Coupe 2021.

Mercedes GLC Coupe 2021. How much does the new Mesredes GLC Coupe 2021 cost in Russia: the price of the model on the website of the official dealer in Moscow varies from 5,280,000 to 10,100,000 rubles.

Technical specifications

For the basis of the new model of the Mercedes GLC Coupe 2021 is taken a modular platform MRA.

This «bogie» is characterized by a longitudinal arrangement of the engine and the presence of a load-bearing body, in the construction of which the proportion of medium and high strength steel reaches 60%.

By default, the car has a sports chassis with a four-lever suspension in front and a five-lever suspension in back.

At the same time, the crossover can be ordered with an active suspension Dynamic Body Control, in the design of which are involved adaptive shock absorbers that can automatically adjust to the requirements of road conditions.

Besides, air suspension Air Body Control is offered for extra charge. It allows lowering the clearance by 15 mm (from the standard value), and also raising the body by additional 50 mm.

Mercedes GLC Coupe 2021.

Crossover Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe has the following dimensions, mm

length — 4 731
Width — 1 890
height — 1 600
Wheelbase — 2 873
Ground clearance — 181

The GLC Coupe (C253) is claimed to have 500 liters of trunk space, and with the rear seats folded down the space increases to 1,400 liters.

The gasoline version has a fuel tank equal to 59 liters, while the diesel version has only 43 liters.

In turn, the curb weight of the car with a gasoline engine is 1,750 kg, and the diesel version is noticeably heavier — 1,845 kg.

In the Russian market the restyled Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe 2021 in a new body is offered with a petrol and diesel turbo-motor at choice, but all of them work in tandem with the nine-speed 9G-TRONIC automatic and the company’s own four-wheel drive 4Matic.

The base modification is the GLC 220d equipped with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel rated at 194 hp. (400 Nm).

Mercedes GLC Coupe 2021.

It is able to accelerate from a place up to a hundred in 7.9 seconds, developing speed up to 217 km/h.

In GLC 300d version the same diesel engine is forced up to 245 horsepower (500 Nm), due to what acceleration time from 0-100 km/h makes 6.6 seconds and maximum speed is 233 km/h.

German crossover can also be ordered in gasoline version GLC 300, under the hood of which there is 2.0-liter turbo four, developing 249 hp (370 Nm). (370 Nm).

This modification accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 6,3 seconds and develops speed up to 240 km/h.

The range of «charged» versions is opened by the GLC 43 of AMG. It uses a 3.0-liter twin-turbo six with 390 horsepower (520 Nm).

This car accelerates in 4.9 seconds from 0-100 km/h, while the maximum speed is limited by electronics at 250 km/h.

Mercedes GLC Coupe 2021.

Absolute top is a modification GLC 63 S. It is equipped with a 4.0-liter «turbo eight» with 510 «horses» and 700 Nm of torque.

Up to a hundred such SUV can «shoot» in 3.8 seconds, developing speed up to 280 kilometers per hour.

Car Overview

Ergonomics of the updated Mercedes-Benz GLZ Coupe 2021 model year almost does not cause any complaints, although excessively thick front pillars and poor visibility of the cabin mirror still upset.

It is also possible to refer refusal of traditional control puck of multimedia system in favor of the touch panel on the central tunnel to disadvantages.

The last one is too sensitive to touches and has hypertrophied vibrorebound, because of what it becomes inconvenient to browse the menu.

However, you can control the entertainment complex directly from the touchscreen, which pleases with nice graphics and quick response.

But the Germans did not change the seats during restyling. Front armchairs are good as a whole, whereas the back sofa without adjustments is unpleasantly surprising.

However, it is quite comfortable to sit behind: there is space to spare in all directions (even over the head).

Mercedes GLC Coupe 2021.

The variant of the model with a diesel engine (300d) smoothly, but thus dynamically enough reacts to a gas pedal.

It allows feeling oneself confidently both in a city, and on a freeway. Therefore, those who want to get a more dynamic car should pay attention to offers of competitors or splurge for the AMG version.

In its turn the base Mercedes GLC 220d is even more quiet version of the crossover.

It should be considered for purchase only for 100% city-dwellers who choose out of town, but only from time to time.

Thus, the «German» is driven very adequately: the gas pedal is maximally informative, and brakes are more than enough.

The steering wheel of the crossover is easy with good feedback. In its turn even base spring suspension provides quite good running smoothness and minimal roll while turns.

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